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Uncover The Treasure of Slovenian History – The Ljubljana Castle

By Oliver Walkey / 19th July 2021

Love Wine Love Slovenia Slovenia has a medieval history, one filled with wonder and beauty, there are over 500 castles in Slovenia and over 10,000 caves, as well as a castle build into the mouth of a cave, called the Predjama Castle, but here we’ll learn a little bit about the history of the Ljubljana…

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Emino Slovenia Sparkling Wines

Cooperative Wine Cellar Slovenia – Hiša vin Emino

By Christopher Walkey / 14th July 2021

On the far east side, sat at the border of Croatia, you will find the municipality of Podčetrtek… Also there, making a name for themselves in the world of sparkling wine, the cooperative wine cellar of Hiša vin Emino will be found. Set within the wine growing region of Šmarje-Virštanj, which boasts fantastic wine trails…

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A Hearty Dish & Slovenian Fizz

By Oliver Walkey / 7th April 2021

A healthy hearty meal with a vintage Slovenian Sparkling Wine is a pleasant way to spend an evening after a hard day of work either working on the vines, building a house or whatever it is that you do to earn a living. The sparkling wine I’m pairing with this dish is the Virus 7…

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Bizeljsko Sremič Vino Graben

Wine Border Regions – Slovenia & Croatia (Bizeljsko Sremič)

By Christopher Walkey / 15th February 2021

Slovenia gives us nine wonderful grape producing districts, within three main regions located on the eastern and western sides of the land. These wine regions spread out to the borders and touch upon the neighbouring countries of Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. A total of 33,000 hectares of vineyards, 30,000 grape producers with 2,300 growers…

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5 Great Slovenian Sparkling Wines

Slovenia: The Land of Deep Caves & Deep Sparkling Wine Flavours

By Christopher Walkey / 21st January 2021

Having travelled through most of Europe, both new and old, I have seen a great variety of style of wines from classic reds to vintage sparkling. Europe holds most of the world’s wine production, the biggest part of history and certainly the finest examples. The land holding the vineyards is truly wonderful and holding such…

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In Medot we Trust - Slovenian sparkling wines

In Medot we Trust – A look at one of Slovenia’s Finest

By Christopher Walkey / 9th December 2020

Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Italy, Croatia, Hungry and Austria. Highest peak of 2,864m altitude above sea level (Triglav) and 1,502 m in depth when heading downwards (Cave Čehi 2).  Population of 2.081 million, more than 28,000 wineries and it is said some 90,000 people practice beekeeping! Welcome to Slovenia. Slovenia is split into three…

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What do Slovenian and Austrian Sparkling Wines taste like

Wine Border Regions – Austria & Slovenia (Styria / Štajerska)

By Christopher Walkey / 1st December 2020

I must admit that I am yet to visit Austria with a wine tasting agenda and it is some years since I was there and enjoying the pleasantries of the Tyrol region on a week long break by coach leaving from Victoria station in London – I am sure we (myself along with Eve our…

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Confused by Slovenian Sparkling Wine

Wine Border Regions – Italy & Slovenia (Goriška Brda)

By Christopher Walkey / 26th November 2020

A border that I have travelled on a few occasions and close by regions that I very much admire both for wine / wine tourism and lifestyle, is the one that separates Italy and Slovenia – A divide of some 232 km in length. Though Italy has a much wider choice and fan base for…

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A Splash of Slovenia

By Oliver Walkey / 22nd June 2020

A Country you might not know the location of, but still holds a charming selection of Sparkling Wines to explore. Slovenia is located in Europe, it borders with Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, their population is just over 2 million. Slovenia is one of the countries which is gifted with beaches of the Mediterranean on…

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