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16th August 2019

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Cannabidiol (CBD) may promote different benefits for both the body and mind. But, studies surrounding this compound might still be inconclusive at the time of writing. Many scientists may find it challenging to gather a sufficient amount of source material to create meaningful and conclusive lab results from CBD.

With that in mind, many people might still wonder about the effects of CBD and alcohol mixed in the body.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. It helps produce effects in the body when it attaches to specific neural receptors. Then, the body may produce certain cannabinoids to administer different results for CBD product consumers.

For instance, CB1 receptors might be present around the body, but it may be more apparent in the brain. These receptors help in bringing coordination, balance, and movement in the body and mind. A balanced cannabinoid reaction in the body may help you feel at ease in stressful situations. It may also help you bring equilibrium to your appetite and other bodily functions.

Conversely, CB2 receptors might be more apparent in the body’s immune system. These receptors may help in reducing the effects of inflammation and pain. These receptors may become active in a relatively short amount of time upon CBD consumption.

Different CBD products, like CBD tinctures, may have different effects when consumed. Still, the benefits might remain similar regardless of the CBD product used.

How Does Alcohol Affect the Body?

The impact of alcohol may begin the moment it enters the body. A glass of wine may not be a cause for concern. However, binging on alcoholic beverages may take a toll on your body. Drinking too many alcoholic drinks may lead to:

• Liver damage
• Heart concerns
• Alcohol dependence
• Fatigue
• Blackouts

Continuous drinking of alcoholic beverages may lead to long-term health issues, like pancreatitis, and caused damage to the central nervous system.

What Happens When You Consume Alcohol and CBD?

Aside from its adverse effects, drinking alcohol may promote feelings of relaxation. For example, drinking a bottle of Champagne Infinite Eight might help you calm down after a stressful day at work. CBD might induce similar effects on your body. Consuming CBD products might help reduce anxiety and calm the central nervous system.

Consuming CBD and alcohol together may amplify these relaxation effects. Thus, it might cause amplified feelings of calmness. It may also lead to increased sensations of sleepiness and sedation. Certain individuals may also experience changes in moods and behaviors. The sedative-like effect may promote unbalance, which might make consumers fall more often than the norm.

Research from Free Radical Biology & Medicine states that laboratory rats that consumed CBD 30 minutes after drinking alcohol gained positive effects. The results claim that the rodents were less likely to contract oxidative damage from consuming alcohol. Thus, there might be a reduced risk of liver damage for the rodents who consumed CBD with alcohol.

Despite the study focusing only on animals, the outcomes may seem positive. Combining alcohol and CBD may help people with severe chronic muscle spasms.

Another study published in 2013 in Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behaviour, researchers tested the effects on rodents that binge-drink on alcohol. Also, the researchers gave the animals either a transdermal CBD gel or CBD injection. The article notes that the researchers gave the CBD before the rodents consumed the alcohol.

The results show that neurodegeneration was 50% less in the rats that consumed CBD with liquor in comparison to the rodents that only drank alcohol.

These studies show that CBD and alcohol may promote positive effects. Still, there might be communities that think mixing the two substances may be a bad idea.

Sedation through amusement may have adverse effects. It may lead users to become lazy while losing focus on the tasks at hand.

Still, combining CBD and alcohol use may become a therapeutic release for alcohol addiction. Another study from the Molecular Diversity Preservation International and Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute looked into the effects of alcohol-addicted rats. The researchers introduced CBD to these animals. Over time, the rodents became less motivated to consume alcohol.


At the time of writing, there may not be enough conclusive research to back the positive results brought by mixing alcohol and CBD. Don’t forget to consult your physician if you plan on consuming CBD if you’re a fan of drinking alcoholic beverages. Also, it might be wise to stick to low amounts of both substances to help minimize the risks of any adverse effects.  If you’re looking for a reliable CBD oil company in the UK, we suggest taking a look at Blessed CBD, who were voted the best CBD oil in the UK by the likes of HerbMighty and other leading organisations.

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