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The Perfect Summer Cocktail

By Oliver Walkey / 19th May 2023

𝄞 What time is it? Summertime It’s our vacation What time is it? Party time That’s right, say it aloud What time is it? Time of our lives Anticipation What time is it? Summertime School’s out, scream and shout 𝄞 It’s summertime, the sun is shining, the colour of the sky matches that of the…

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A Cocktail For Your Cigar

By Oliver Walkey / 18th May 2023

When you sit down in a warm, dimly lit room and prepare to enjoy one of your fine cigars, wouldn’t it be nice to appreciate a drink specially designed to be drunk alongside? Of course, you need look no further, with help from No.1 Family Estate’s Oaky and Toasty Sparkling Wine and Wild Thyme Spirits…

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Mermaid Cocktail

By Oliver Walkey / 17th May 2023

The Mermaid, whether a mythical character made famous by Disney and stories from the sea, or a real creature so rare that it only lives on in myths and legends, either way, it is a creature that will forever be in the minds of those young and with a questioning mind. This Cocktail is dedicated…

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Golden Cocktail

By Oliver Walkey / 16th May 2023

It’s time to live the golden lifestyle, drinking gold flakes, rum from a gold bar, and the No.1 Méthode Marlborough Sparkling Wine from New Zealand, all united together in this Golden Cocktail. This Cocktail is crafted specifically with No.1 Family Estate’s Cuvée No.1 and Bullion Rum’s Gold Original in mind. The Sparkling Wine – No.1…

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Bartender Made Cocktails – Fizz The Drinc

By Oliver Walkey / 15th May 2023

This article is made in collaboration with Amir Hindawi, an amazing Bartender in Italy. The Cocktail that you are about to make is one of Amir Hindawi’s Signature Fizz Cocktails, which he makes at Drinc. Cocktail & Conversation, in Milano, Lombardia, Italy. Let’s Meet The Bartender! “Hello everyone, my name is Hindawi Amir and I…

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Captain Cocktail

By Oliver Walkey / 15th May 2023

Muster your crew, board your ship, hoist the sails and set sail for adventure. While sailing the seven seas, discovering new lands, ancient civilisations and searching for gold, craft yourself the very fitting Captain Cocktail, an original by Glass of Bubbly, using Slovenian Sparkling Wine, Dark Rum and a shortbread biscuit. The Sparkling Wine –…

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Naked Cocktail

By Oliver Walkey / 12th May 2023

Get a taste of the purest form, the naked expression, using natural ingredients, from both England and Italy, and combining them with smooth, subtly creamy coconut milk. The Sparkling Wine – Ventiventi Ventiventi means 2020 in Italian. They planted their first vines in the wine-growing district of north Modena in 2016, using the classic method…

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High Sea Ranger Cocktail

By Oliver Walkey / 11th May 2023

Are you ready for adventure? Ready to set sail? Ready to explore the world, if you answered yes, then stand up right now, pop open a bottle of Sparkling Wine, uncork your Rum and get cracking with crafting Glass of Bubbly’s original High Sea Ranger Cocktail, delivering the wonderful flavours of the open ocean with…

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Prohibition Cocktails – Bubbly Edition

By Oliver Walkey / 10th May 2023

Welcome back to the 1920s in America, a decade that allowed women the vote, when a flight from London to South Africa took 45 days and oh god, alcohol was illegal in America! Don’t start freaking out just yet, very soon Speakeasies would become one of the most popular places to socialise and to enjoy…

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