A Kings Quest – Cantina Rotaliana

Your majesty, welcome, we have searched high and low for a Traditional Method Sparkling Wine that bears your royal head, and after many long adventurous days and nights, we discovered, at the foot of the Dolomites in Italy, a winery, that call themselves, Cantina Rotaliana. Built on tradition and steeped in history, the exploration of…

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The Champagne Bureau ‘2016 Champagne Tasting London’

The Champagne Bureau '2016 Champagne Tasting London'

For anyone who loves wine, especially the glorious world of Champagne, then the Champagne Bureau’s ‘Annual Champagne Tasting Event’ is what would be described by many as a dream occasion either as a wine professional or if you’ve been lucky enough to get in as a consumer from a very good friend that you know.…

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