What are the Different Types of Prosecco?

What are the different types of Prosecco

How we love our Italian friends for such a fine discovery in Prosecco! From the Northern region of Italy, it offers tourists the most amazing wine experience from the wonderful rolling hills full of vines to the magical wineries making the world famous bubbly. What many might not know though is that there isn’t just…

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Understanding Prosecco Better

Prosecco for many is that new fizz fix in our lives from weddings to the cheap bottle for two at our local bar, the symphony of ripe fruity flavours it offers suits many of our palates and makes for an easy drinking solution to suit any occasion. Fear not, this is not an in-depth educational…

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Interview with Lorenzo Palla on Using Only Indigenous Yeasts

Lorenzo Palla, the visionary producer of Asolo Prosecco DOCG, talks about his idea of using only indigenous yeasts, and how he came to this decision. How did you get the idea of using indigenous yeasts? “The project, aimed at improving perception of our wine, took off over 5 years ago when, supported by a cutting-edge…

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