Skinny Champagne & Des McDonald’s Fish & Chips

Skinny Champagne & Des McDonald's Fish & Chips

Skinny Champagne unwraps deal with Des McDonald’s Fish & Chips City Restaurant. Skinny Champagne Grand Cru by Alexandre Penet will be served by the glass in posh modern day fish & seafood venue, Des McDonald’s The Fish & Chips Shop located in Liverpool Street, London. The go-to fizz for those adopting the new sugar-free lifestyle pairs…

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Sparkling Wine & Fish & Chips

Fish and chips, an iconic British meal, it was regarded as being so vital to the home front during the Second World War that they were never rationed. There’s something quite nostalgic about enjoying fish and chips from a paper bag on the seafront. Nowadays you’re just as likely to enjoy a delicious portion of fish and chips…

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