Sparkling Wine Production Methods

Sparkling wines come with many variations from flavours to prices, much of this will be down to how it is made, the production methods. When we venture in to learning more about wine, we hear production terms such as tank method, Champenois method, Ancestral, traditional, carbonated and more, though what do they all mean? Sparkling…

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Discover Pét-Nat Sparkling Wine

Pétillant Naturel, which is more commonly shortened to Pét-Nat, means in English ‘Naturally Sparkling’ or in the wine production world it is referred to as ‘methode ancestrale‘, it entails leaving the sediment (yeast) in the bottle, rather than disgorging it (removing), it may seem weird buying a bottle of Sparkling Wine which still has sediment…

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Rosé Sparkling Wine Pet Nat

Tajfl Pet Nat

A relatively unknown country when it comes to wine fame yet one that holds a treasure chest of delights should you have the opportunity to explore them. An impressive 22,300 hectares of vineyard and a population of just over two million (2.1) sees approximately 10.5 m2 of vineyard to every Slovenian. “… Slovenia has such…

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