10 Eye Catching Sparkling Wine Labels

11th March 2020

10 sparkling wine labels

Wine labels are, for many people, the first visual engagement they have with a wine, the way a bottle communicates itself can determine whether or not it will attract a buyers interest.

For those who remember using public libraries and choosing books, especially novels, the cover can usually go a long way in persuading someone what one to choose. I know that many will be shouting at their screens now that it is all about the name, reputation and the wine that is in the bottle, but millions of consumers from around the world will still be influenced by the likes of price, design / shape of bottle and even by extras/freebies such as limited edition cases/sleeves.

Reasons to choose wine

Reasons why people pick wines


A large part of selling wine, or any product / service for that matter, is all down to marketing – Getting the right image can go a long way in attracting new customers and viral interest especially online. There can though be a very fine line between success and ending up with egg on your face, there is much global competition too and what you think is unique may have already been tried and tested many times before and might even be registered so it cannot be copied. You might also not hit the mark with your brand, offending some people, cheapening your name and even incurring fines!

I have seen many interesting labels in the world of wine, there have been funny ones, clever, naughty and even controversial – Each time though it has made me pick up the bottle and find out more, on many occasions I have shared the image of the label on social media thus giving the label in question exposure. There have been many labels by commissioned artists or dedicated to a person / theme.

Most wine lovers will not be worried with regards to the label, though quality of marketing can sometimes add that extra bit to the overall tasting experience. How something is packaged can tickle that part of our brain that gets hit with persuasion.

Here we are looking at labels rather than the likes of the colour of the bottle or artwork sleeves, corks and similar. Mostly labels will contain important facts such as the name of the producer, origin, alcoholic degree and some which hold a lot more including what flavours to expect or foods to pair the wine with. An interesting read can be had here: 10 Things that must appear on a Champagne label.

Most bottles of wine these days will have a paper label, be it a whole one or those which have a front and back. Different shapes and sizes, colours and styles – We went through our collection of wines here at Glass of Bubbly to pick out some labels that we agreed stood out:

Azienda Agricola Mencaroni – ‘Apollonia’ Brut Nature

Federico Mencaroni – Apollonia Brut Nature


Federico Mencaroni Apollonia Brut Nature:Simple design yet effective in being eye catching and memorable. Who doesn’t love a reminder of the colours of a rainbow!

Mirabella Edea Brut Franciacorta

Mirabella Edea Brut Franciacorta DOCG


Mirabella Edea Brut Franciacorta DOCG:For me it is simple and yet holds an elegant look making the label and brand look powerful. It omits a trusted corporate presence and yet the character and individuality of a smaller producer.

Pojer E Sandri Spumante 2013 2014

Pojer e Sandri Spumante 2013/2014


Pojer e Sandri Spumante 2013/2014:Historical artwork of happy people on the label makes me feel excited about choosing this wine, maybe it holds all that happiness inside the bottle as well.

Babylonstoren Sprankel 2013

Babylonstoren Sprankel 2013


Babylonstoren Sprankel 2013:It’s not so much the ‘butterfly effect’ here, more a touch closer to nature and quite a bold and focused label – Simple yet eye catching.

Fitz Sparkling Wine Fitz Pink

Fitz Sparkling Wine Fitz Pink


Fitz Sparkling Wine Fitz Pink:An obvious royal curiosity hits you when you see Fitz – Am I getting something that is made by blue blood or chosen by the royals themselves – I need to dig deeper and I am intrigued to find out more.

Societa’ Agricola L’Antica Quercia Su Alto Vino Frizzante Sui Lieviti Indigeno

Società Agricola L’Antica Quercia S.R.L. Su Alto Sui Lieviti Vino Frizzante


Società Agricola L’Antica Quercia S.R.L. Su Alto Sui Lieviti Indigeno Vino Frizzante:The terrior hits you when you see this label, a wine that realises the value of the land of which it is grown on. When you place the selection of labels from this winery in a row they make a nice collage. Simple and effective artwork.

Vinakoper Capris Marine Brut:Glitter and sparkle, many will see this as the effect that those bubbles will have on you. Effective for some, a turn off for others, but certainly stand out in design.

Villa Sandi Brut Opere Trevigiane

Villa Sandi Brut Opere Trevigiane


Villa Sandi Brut Opere Trevigiane:Small yet mighty. The simple effect of a smaller label with a bold name gives a feel of elegance and superior quality.

Lumiere Kakitsubata

Lumiere Kakitsubata


Lumiere Kakitsubata:Artistic, floral and stylish. You really feel this wine is a special bottle and why not as it won a trophy at the 2019 Glass of Bubbly Awards!

Jožef Jazbec Črna Penina Chateau Intanto

Jožef Jazbec Črna Penina Chateau Intanto


Jožef Jazbec Črna Penina Chateau Intanto:There is something about a circle with a hole in it be it from a popular mint or a pastry delight. The gold on burgundy colour gives it a prestigious feel and it’s another lesser known trophy winner from the 2018 Glass of Bubbly Awards!

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.