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Please read the following terms and conditions very carefully – they concern the use of this website and all it’s contents to include information shared out on all and any social media channels, newsletters and direct email marketing from Glass of Bubbly.  Your use of this website is subject to the following terms and conditions and by using the website you show your agreement to such terms and conditions.  If you do not accept our terms, then we please do advise you not use the website or any information found online from Glass of Bubbly nor using any of our copyrighted content to include images, info-graphics, videos and written content / quotes.

  • Please do accept information found on our website as guidelines only and in no way precise or accurate information. If you wish to act on any advise found on our website then please consult the wine labels and venues directly.
  • If you are thinking of travelling to any of the venues mentioned on our website, please do make sure that they are open for your visit and that any offers you find on our website are still running.
  • All our wine reviews are on personal preference and recommendations and in no way should be used in order to make your purchases – Please do contact the wine label owners for full detailed information to include recommendations on food pairings.
  • All competitions found on the Glass of Bubbly website are via third parties and Glass of Bubbly accept no responsibility for any errors, faults or complaints regarding the winners and them receiving their prizes.
  • Please note that if you enter any of our competitions then you are automatically entered in to our subscription database to receive our newsletter.
  • All images, wording, quotes, videos, logos and any other content provided on the Glass of Bubbly website is either full copyright of Glass of Bubbly, has been carefully obtained from Google images with ‘labelled for re-use’ or supplied directly from the writers themselves. If you feel any of our content is in breach of someone else’s copyright then please either contact Glass of Bubbly or if the blog is written by a third party, contact them directly. We accept no liability for views expressed or photography used on our website. Our users agree that any content they post will not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights. Our users must not post any information or photos they do not have the right to make available under law or contractual relationship.
  • Image (including info-graphics) & Video Usage and Content Quotes. We are happy for third parties to use content belonging to Glass of Bubbly Ltd to include images, video and quotes on a permission basis only. We reserve the right to a charge of £100 + VAT for each of our images / videos used without permission on third party websites. Failure to remove our copyright images / videos and failure to pay our copyright usage fee of £100 + VAT will results in legal action being taken.
  • All payments via our website, including PayPal and credit card is at the users own risk. We do not accept liability for lost payments, fraud or stolen details that may arise from using any payment system we have in place on our website.
  • Please note that events which are advertised or promoted on our website may change details from time to time. Please contact all event organisers before you make plans to visit or exhibit.
  • The Glass of Bubbly name is registered – Please contact us before using our business name on any third party websites, magazines and any other form of visual marketing or information.
  • All subscribers to our website will be automatically entered in to receiving our newsletters and emails. All registrations on our website will receive our newsletters and emails. All entrants to any of the competitions on our website will entered in to receiving our newsletters and emails. Normal un-subscribe options apply, please email us at any time should you wish to be removed from any of our emailing lists by sending info@glassofbubbly.com and ‘unsubscribe’ titled in the email.

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