10 Fun Facts about Prosecco

16th September 2021

10 Fun Facts about Prosecco

For many of us, when we hear of bubbles in our wine glass, the word Prosecco comes to mind. It’s the most popular sparkling wine in volume of sales in the UK even out selling Champagne. One of Italy’s most famous creations and with a worldwide fan base, Prosecco is in fact quite a bit more than simply a cheap glass of bubbly.

There are many famous Prosecco producers and this includes the Bisol winery who are located in Santo Stefano and hold a prestigious history dating back to 1542. They produce a fabulous selection of fine Prosecco labels (to include rosé Prosecco) and have several prestigious awards for their wines.

One such label is their Jeio Brut DOCG label which is a perfect expression of the terroir from the region and the fine grape harvests that deliver magnificent fruity aromas and flavours:

Bisol Jeio Prosecco Brut

Bisol Jeio Prosecco Brut


Tasting Notes:Light and refreshing style. Soft citrus, yellow floral and a touch of green apple zest on the nose. Flavours are dry and crisp in style initially slowly releasing sweet fruit flavours and minerals in mid length with an edge towards yellow fruits and honey at the close.

10 Fun Facts about Prosecco:

  • Check the bottle for quality! A quick way to find out the quality of the Prosecco you are going to buy is at the neck of the bottle where either a blue or gold long thin sticker will be placed. The best prosecco will hold a gold/brown label (DOCG) which tells you the wine was produced from grapes grown in the region of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene where glorious hills of vineyards are located and the harvest is hand picked each year. A blue label (DOC) will tell you that the wine was produced in the surrounding flatter areas where a lot most automation and machinery is used in the harvests.
  • Still, lightly sparkling or fully sparkling! Though many of us are familiar with Prosecco being a highly bubbly wine, you can get Frizzante Prosecco which is semi-sparkling and you can also purchase still Prosecco.
  • Less alcohol than Champagne! Yes, you can afford yourself a little bit extra of Prosecco over Champagne as the latter usually has a touch more %. Prosecco will be around 11.5% average whereas Champagne will be 12.5% average.
  • Path through the woods. The word Prosecco originates from its neighbouring country Slovenia, translating to ‘path through the woods‘.
  • Less calories than other wines! If we are seeking a wine that hold less calories then Prosecco could be the answer. Whereas as still reds and whites are said to hold around 120 calories per glass, Prosecco will be down towards 90 per glass. This will very much depend of course in style of wines and Prosecco chosen as some are sweeter and hold more calories than others.
DOCG Label

The Gold / Brown DOCG bottle neck label – Superiore Prosecco


  • The town of Prosecco. The region of Prosecco is in the northern part of Italy where it surrounds Venice and goes north from there. You can also take a visit to the town of Prosecco which is suitably named after this famous bubbly.
  • Prosecco is only Prosecco if it comes from the Prosecco region! You will only ever find this famous bubbly Prosecco having originated from the vineyards of the classified and heavily protested (UNESCO) wine region. Like Champagne, you can only legally produce a bottle with the name of Prosecco on if it comes from the special region of Italy, anything else will be both illegal productions and very likely of much poorer quality.
  • National Prosecco Day. Did you know that each year in the UK we celebrate a national Prosecco day! If we didn’t need another excuse to enjoy a glass of Prosecco, you can now double indulge yourself on August 13th 2021!
  • The world’s most expensive Prosecco. We all know and love Prosecco for the price is ever so appealing with a trip to the local supermarket delivering prices from only £6 a bottle, but if you have bigger budgets then how about £1,290 a bottle! Casanova Prosecco, back in 2017, released the most expensive label called ‘Swarovski Edition’ Prosecco DOC.
  • English Prosecco? As we discussed previously, no other country and designated region can produce Prosecco, but others can copy the style and production process. Here in England we are seeing more and more producers making tank method (the process for making Prosecco) sparkling wines and some are performing excellently with a fresh and fruity style that will appeal to many Prosecco lovers.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.