10 Great Christmas Present Ideas for Wine Lovers

28th November 2017


Christmas is a time of celebration and there’s no better way to celebrate than with wine, but when you’re catering to a wine lover or self-professed connoisseur, how do you step up your game and get them something special?

Our 10 great Christmas present ideas for wine lovers should help inspire your choice:

1) Accessories
Just because you’re buying for a wine lover doesn’t mean you actually have to buy wine. There is an endless list of useful and downright quirky accessories that make up the wine experience, that also make great gifts – especially if you yourself don’t know much about wine itself.

Coolers, decanters, holders, racks, bottle openers and corkscrews, wine glasses; it never ends, and you can find products at all price points.

2) The Trusty Wine Set
You can’t go wrong with a ‘wine set’, because they are specifically designed to be given as gifts. Sets vary greatly but commonly include a bottle and a glass, several smaller bottles or various other combinations of wine-related accessories.

3) Their Favourite
A safe present bet for a wine lover is to simply buy their favorite wine. Of course, this involves asking or sneakily finding out what it is (if you don’t already know), but who can complain about getting what they like (even if they catch wind of your plan)?

Take note, however, wine lovers will often like a particularly expensive variety, so you may have to go for second best.

Tip: Christmas presents can often set you back, especially if you didn’t save beforehand. Getting emergency cash loans online is one way to ensure you can get everything you want with plenty of time to repay.

4) Personalization
It always shows some extra thought when you get a gift personalized with a name, heartfelt message or something more comedic. Whether it’s a bottle of wine, glass or a wine-related accessory, there are now many websites and shops that can get the job done.

The catch is that on generic personalization sites the wine itself might not be the best, so you can always buy the wine and personalized label separately.

5) The Comedic/Novelty Present
Perhaps you prefer a bit of humor in your gifts and there’s no shortage of fun and novelty wine accessories. Some of the most popular are oversized or oddly shaped glasses and decanters, or what about the glass that fits over the bottle itself?! The variety of products in this category is endless, so you’re sure to find something that will have both you and your loved one laughing.

6) Pairings
A lot of the enjoyment from drinking wine comes from pairing it with certain foods, snacks, and desserts. Particularly common pairings can be bought in sets, but you can easily match them yourself with a bit of research.

Cheese and nut or chocolate pairings are perhaps the most practical as Christmas gifts.

7) Kits
Homebrewing is all the rage across the alcohol spectrum and wine is no different. Wine-making and tasting kits are available at various price points and with different end results, but they typically contain the ingredients required to make at least one bottle.

Of course, not many of us live on a vineyard in Italy – winemaking kits are meant to be a bit of fun and Christmas is the perfect time to have it.

8) Something Wine Flavoured
Who said that wine has to come in a bottle? Wine lovers might also enjoy wine flavored sweets, wine chocolates and truffles, ice cream, and even wine-infused teas and coffees.

Yes, you can actually wake up in the morning and get your caffeine fix with a taste of wine!

9) Books
If your wine lover likes to read then there’s no shortage of book possibilities; wine history, wine-making, profiles of wines, wine-related cooking and the best pairings, funny wine books and books that use wine as a jump off for other topics (Why Mummy Drinks Wine), and everything in-between.

10) Subscription Services
Everything seems to be deliverable in a box or crate as a subscription service these days, and wine certainly joins that list.

‘Wine boxes’ usually revolve around choosing the types of wine you like or going in completely blind and enjoying the surprise. Getting a month or two as a taster is a great gift for the wine lover, and they can always continue the subscription if they like it.
We think the above list has most of the wine-lover Christmas present bases covered, but if you have any ideas of your own or specific products you have purchased in the past, let us know.

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