10 Shades of Rosé Slovenian Sparkling Wines

8th January 2020

Rose Slovenian sparkling wines

We hold many wine tastings for those consumers who are intrigued to know that little bit more about sparkling wines and one of the most popular facts that surprise many starting off their journey of wine education is that black grapes do not contain red grape juice and that white wines can be produced from black grapes.

How is rosé wine made? Answer: “It’s all about skin contact. rosé wines can be made from many different grape varieties and will require at least one of the grapes to be black skinned so that when initial fruit pressing occurs the skin and pigmentation released will influence the colouring of the grape juice produced. If skin contact is very short then no colour is added compared to lengthy skin contact that will produce a dark rosé colouring – Most rosé wines will have had skin contact from 1-2 hours to nearly 24 hours.

When it comes to pink fizz then for many just the mention of the phrase will omit excitement in the air, an eagerly anticipated tasting delight ahead of us and the chance for some to get plenty of great selfies to share on Instagram and other social media networks.

Pink Champagne / Rosé Champagne is seen as that extra little bit special over standard Brut / white options (usually costing that bit more also when you compare prices on supermarket shelves). A delightful red berry burst of flavours will usually be the tasting results, the case of one glass never being quite enough will be upon us…

Outside of the Champagne theme, there are countless other options to enjoy pink fizz from Australia to our very own shores here in England – Consumers love Rosé Sparkling Wines and the wine producers know that very well!

Though previously there was no such thing as Rosé Prosecco it is planned that for 2020 producers will be able, for the first time, to make this pink fizz with high expectations of consumer take up for what many see as one of the UK’s most favourite wines (Prosecco).

One European country producing some amazing flavours in Rosé Sparkling Wine is Slovenia – The country that enjoys both Alpine freshness and warm Mediterranean sea breezes and which is bordered by Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy. It’s lush green land, climate, grape varieties and history of winemaking enable consumers to enjoy a host of Rosé Sparkling Wine flavours along with very different shades of rosé.

Slovenia offers three wine-growing regions with 14 wine-growing districts and a total of 52 vine varieties.” Find out more about visiting Slovenia via the I Feel Slovenia website.

Rosé sparkling wine tasting from Slovenia

Rosé Sparkling Wine tasting from Slovenia


A close contact in Slovenia says that there are now over 200 sparkling wine producers in Slovenia with many opting for at least one rosé label. Spread out across most of the country, there are very different characteristics to enjoy from the wines they produce, Slovenia took home 14 gold, 31 silver and 15 bronze medals during The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2019 that took place in Westminster, London.

For me, Slovenian sparkling wines and especially their rosés and reds offer an expression of many different preferences for wine lovers. This comes true when you look at the variations in the award categories that they win awards in from ‘Light & Fruity’ to ‘Winter Warmer’ showing that Slovenia has diverse wine growing regions that absorb different terroirs (climate, soil type and terrain) – You’ve both Alpine and the Mediterranean Sea influences.Christopher Walkey

Interested in trying Rosé Slovenia Sparkling Wine? Here are some examples for you to explore that are all award winning:

Zorz Rea Rose Penina 2018

Žorž Rea Rose Penina


Vino Žorž 1696 – Rea Rose Penina demi-sec:Expressed are delicate and somewhat timid yet tempting raspberry / white strawberry aromas with a touch of chalk in the mix. It is crisp and alive, a touch dry initially and expressing red berry fruits / touch of savoury.

Vina Kobal Kras Penina Rosé

Vina Kobal Kras Penina Rose


Vina Kobal – Kras Penina Rose:Similar to the last tasting I had with this wine only a few weeks back. It is very dry, red berry fruit on the nose with a young / clean and refreshing flavour of red berries with notable sweeter strawberries in the length. A little bit of bubbly magic here.

Prima Stoka Vino Rosé

Vina Štoka Prima Rose


Vina Štoka – Prima Kakovostno Peneče Vino Rose:A relaxed dry red berry fruit aroma and flavour to the wine. It also has a touch of Sea Breeze and chalkiness in the length.

Vina Povh Rosé Prèstige

Vina Povh Rosé Prestige


Vina Povh – Rosé Prestige:Plenty of flavours to enjoy here. Quite fizzy in character with bubbles livening the palate and sharing raspberry and strawberry tart flavours with a hint of savoury and creamy towards the end. Light, pleasant and memorable.

Martincic Penina Rose 2017

Martinčič Penina Rosé 2017


Martinčič – Penina Rosé 2017:A somewhat dry raspberry tart pastry flavour with hints of subtle strawberry and bold minerals to add into the mix. An easy to pop open and enjoy pink fizz and somewhat perfect for its bronze medal in the category of ‘Spring Fling’.

Vinarstvo Rebula Br`stovska Penina Rose

Vinarstvo Rebula Br’stovska Penina Rose


Vinarstvo Rebula – Br`stovska Penina Rose:Dry red berry flavours, somewhat tight in character with a hint of dry walnut and sea breeze. There’s a touch of chalkiness in the length. Ideal for food pairings.

Radgonske Gorice Zlata Radonska Penina Brut 2015

Radgonske Gorice Zlata Radgonska Penina Rose Extra Dry 2015


Radgonske Gorice – Zlata Radgonska Penina Rose Extra Dry 2015:A welcoming creamy white strawberry fragrance to this sparkling wine. Initial crisp and red berry fruit flavours with a touch of pink grapefruit with a smooth length and a white strawberry close.

Silveri Brut Rosé

Silveri Cuvée Brut Rosé


Silveri – Cuvée Brut Rosé: “(A winery I am very fond of. They also have a magnificent restaurant in Slovenia beside a lake – Do try their fish dishes and do not be afraid by the stuffed bear when you enter!) This rosé is smart, it is alive and appealing. It is fresh and has red berry fruits in flavour with a delicate dryness to enable flavours to lengthen and tempt you to try more – Also a great wine for light food pairings. A deserved gold medal winner.

Vinogradništvo Štemberger Šentjernejska Penina Rose

Vinogradništvo Štemberger Šentjernejska Penina Rosé


Vinogradništvo Štemberger – Šentjernejska Penina Rosé:For those who enjoy a dry rosé sparkling then this ticks the box. Mostly dry raspberry / chalky / white strawberry flavours. Delicate and yet powerful enough to pair with some lighter intro dishes which I’d feel will release it’s inner red berry fruit flavours..

Vinska Klet Mastnak Penina Valentina Rose Posuho 2016

Vinska Klet Mastnak Penina Valentina Rose Polsuho 2016


Vinska Klet Mastnak – Penina Valentina Rose Polsuho 2016:A lighter coloured rosé yet still shows us decent raspberry / dry white strawberry flavours. A touch of chalkiness in the length and leaving the palate wanting another sip. Also has a touch of savouriness.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.