10 Sparkling Wine Dinner Party Do’s & Don’ts

13th January 2017


So, you want to host a dinner party. You’ve told your future guests, you’ve got your bubbly… now what? It can be quite nerve-wracking to host your own dinner party, especially for the first time, so here are some simple tips for a stress-free, successful evening:

1. Do keep the drink flowing!
Of course, we recommend a few bottles of sparkling wine. You can’t go wrong with a bottle of Champagne or Prosecco, or go one step further and impress your guests with something they may have never tried – an English sparkling wine? South African? Sparkling red? There’s plenty of quality choices. If in doubt, pour a glass of bubbly!

2. Don’t leave it until it’s too late.
You might be tempted to come up with a new fancy recipe before the dinner, but unless you’ve practiced a few times it’s better to stick with something you know. Make sure you have all the ingredients and complete the prep in advance so you don’t leave everything to a last minute panic! Sparkling wine is very versatile so can pair with lots of different dishes.

3. Don’t forget your guests needs.
It’s important to consider dietary restrictions and preferences, whether that be vegetarian, vegan, allergies or anything else – your guest will appreciate it!

4. Do add a little music.
This depends on who you’re expecting and what type of party. If you decide to go for it, create a playlist beforehand to create a nice background ambiance.

5. Do keep it small.
Especially if you’re new to hosting, it can feel a bit overwhelming if there are too many guests. Stick to 4-6 people.

6. Do set up the table and add some candles.
Nothing too fancy, but a nicely laid out table with a few candles can really warm up the atmosphere.

7. Do put out some salt and pepper.
Some people just prefer things with more pepper or a little saltier – don’t feel offended. Your guest will be happy they do not have to awkwardly ask.

8. Don’t abandon your guests
Although it can be difficult while cooking (that’s also a good reason to keep a simple menu) try and spend as much time at the table as possible. It’s your night too!

9. Do keep it simple
There’s no need for party favours, notes or gifts – your guests will appreciate the dinner and usually a “thank you for coming” works great.

10. Do relax and enjoy yourself!
You can be sure your guests will enjoy the evening and recognise the effort put in. So don’t stress; be proud and enjoy your food and company!

Glass of Bubbly

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