10,000th Thief celebrates with a Glass of Bubbly & Cake!?

22nd August 2015

How we all know the power of YouTube in marketing businesses and mini video clips going viral, and this ‘10,000th Shoplifter Gets A Parade and Cake‘ titled upload certainly has a few eyebrows lifting:


Unsure of who the copyright belongs to, but this video for all to see uploaded by user Elitist Vagabond clearly shows how members of the security staff of a store celebrate finding their 10,000th shoplifter by catching up with the ‘young lady suspect’ and offering her a slice of cake and some bubbly (the suspect eventually runs off having clearly been embarrassed).

Not sure if any suspect of a crime deserves a glass of bubbly, maybe this video is a spoof and clever bit of marketing, but certainly worth a watch for you to make up your own mind. Let us just hope that this approach doesn’t go viral as we are sure there are many better ways to celebrate using Bubbly!


Glass of Bubbly

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