11 quick ideas to increase your wine sales online

18th July 2018


Website – Keep on top of advances in eCommerce: Today we are seeing more and more items beings purchased online and so, in turn, the solutions for purchasing becoming more and more simplified. With an increased amount of good eCommerce solutions we thus have greater choice and usually, that will mean prices for such solutions become competitive, ie affordable, so adopting the latest and easiest to use website eCommerce software should be an option your business should look into.

Try and keep a focus on how your website functions for users and as you grow your business / online wine sales, stay tuned to the latest and updated versions of the eCommerce software you use and that of other solutions from rival companies – What works for you now might not do so very well later on.

Social Media – Open up your own shop: We are all familiar with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and similar, but are we using them correctly to aid sales? You should take a look at the likes of dynamic ads on Facebook and shoppable posts in Instagram all of which allow you to highlight products from your sales list to the huge potential markets that social media holds – These direct sales ads can help you to increase sales as well as studying analytics to see which ads perform better over others.

Live Chat – Keep it real time: Think about using the likes of a live chat box on your website, this will ultimately help to keep web browsers for a longer duration on your website. A live chat box that pops up after a set amount of time a browser has been on your website will not only give you direct communication with a potential client, it can also help you to increase chances of gaining a sale.

Correct Domain – Is it time to change your domain name: When we start off in business we are usually likely to use a name personal or regional to ourselves, today we are not able to choose any domain that we want as many are already taken. You should always be looking to buy domain names with a view of expanding your business. Sometimes names that are already taken will in fact just be parked so you can approach the owners with an offer and grab yourself a name that really suits the business you are in.

Mobile friendly – Keep your website optimised for both PC and mobile browsing: Mobile friendly websites are said to attract over 50% more sales if a user can easily use your website on their mobile and make confident purchases – Remember that you only have a few seconds to keep hold of your website visitors before they shoot off somewhere else!

Think about an opt-in offer – A pop up box to help your client make a decision: A clever offer from a pop-up form / promotion can help your potential client turn in to an actual client. Think about the likes of getting 20% off by using this code today or similar to grab your web browsers attention.

Reviews – Let the internet know if you have already been loved by previous clients: People love to leave comments so enable this function on your website and if it is running and you are gaining comments then make sure that they are viewable on your website!

Rewards – Set up a system where loyal customers get rewards and state this on your website: It is an easy exercise in order to keep long term clients which are the livelihood of many businesses – Reward your loyal customers and state this on your website – If you can get customers to return to purchase from you then they are much more likely to carry on purchasing compared to your conversion rate on new customers visiting your website.

Online Payments – Keep it simple: Make sure that your website uses up to date payments systems for all online payment options. Clients love to pay online and pay there and then and need to have confidence when doing so – Do not think that carrying just PayPal option or asking the client to call your office will have any other effect that slower sales for your business. Look into using varied easy to use eCommerce platforms online such as Shopify for alternative options.

Cross selling – Think about offering clients similar products when they view products on your website: Cross selling and even up selling can work wonders on a website, offering either a product to go with one a client is about to purchase or letting them know that a better alternative to what they are looking at exists can also help increase sales and value of each sale.

Free Shipping: There is nothing better than free shipping so try and build this in to your website and even if you have to add a certain % to your product prices over your competitors, clients prefer to know the price they are paying when they look at a product rather than adding to a basket and seeing a big fee for postage – Show them Free Postage instead!

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