1701 First Officially Recognised Biodynamic Franciacorta

25th October 2016


1701 winery has recently obtained biodynamic Demeter® certification. It is the first winery in the Franciacorta region to be officially recognised as biodynamic.

All European biodynamic farms are subject to an EU Ruling for organic agriculture, so all certified Demeter® are therefore also organic. As the Demeter standards are more restrictive and rigorous than the EU Ruling, this double control is indicative of the quality levels achieved.

In 2015, 1701 achieved organic certification swiftly followed in February 2016 with membership of La Renaissance des Appellations – a winemakers association created by Nicolas Joly in 2001. It represents approximately 170 producers worldwide who farm biodynamically.

In July of this year, 1701 went on to receive the coveted Demeter® biodynamic certification.

This latest recognition is testament to the passion and dedication which Silvia and Federico apply to the care of their vines and to the art of winemaking.


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