1701 Franciacorta

3rd June 2024

1701 Franciacorta

When we visited 1701, they had just completed their 4 day bottling process, and although they were exhausted by their endeavour, they were still full of energy and passion when it came to showcasing their vineyards and range of Franciacorta to us.

Using bees as markers for their vineyard, they explained how it’s an excellent sustainable and environmentally friendly tactic to ensure that their vineyards are kept at optimal condition. Bees are one of the first animals in nature to react to unsafe and destructive conditions in the vineyard, so if the bees are healthy and thriving, so will the vineyards and wildlife surrounding them.

They have a production of around 120,000 bottles, with their first vintage taking place in 2011.

During the tasting, it was mentioned that Satèn has to be a Brut, it cannot be a Zero Dosage, but, the conditions of Brut is between 0 and 12 grams of sugar, “so we are moving within the law without adding any sugar”, they are using the loophole available to them as they don’t want to add sugar. The Satèn label was apparent from every winery we visited, so is important for the winery to have it available to consumers to discover.

Brut Nature: “Tangy lemons, citrus, acidic, minerals, wet stones”

Rosé 2019: “Red berries, chewy cherries, plum cherries, ripe and delicious, fresh and moreish, a touch of bakery, pastry, raspberry pastry tart. Mediterranean herbs, wild herbs.”

Dosage Zero 2016: “Fizzy citrus, lemons, lemon blossom, fresh, clean cut, acidic with citrus, zesty lemons and limes, pastries and lemon tart.”

Satèn 2020: “To the point with the acidity yet still very fresh, delicious and moreish, still plenty of room to open up, but in a great tasting place right now.”

LSD 2018: “Acidic, citrus, minerals, wet stones, and chalky notes.”

LSA 2020: “Minerals, chalk, wet stones, softer acidity, a touch of icing sugar on freshly baked pastries on the aroma. A sweet icing sugar taste with citrus and minerals.”

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.