20 Undeniable signs that you are a Champagne Drinker for Life!

22nd June 2016

20 Undeniable signs that you are a Champagne Drinker for Life!

So you think you love Champagne enough that it is part of your everyday life? Which of the following have you adopted already to give you that title?

  1. Wine Glasses. You suddenly become very interested in styles of glass that Champagne gets served in, some of you may love flutes others loathe the idea of drinking your bubbles from them.
  2. You know how to hold that glass correctly and try and tell others who grab hold of the bowl when drinking telling them that they are inadvertently warming up their Champagne!
  3. You get very annoyed that someone calls what you are drinking Prosecco, infact the word Prosecco starts to annoy you when you hear it mentioned.
  4. You jump straight to the Champagne list on the menu at any bar or restaurant that you visit, even if it is on your first date and you are not sure your partner / yourself has the budget to afford some!
  5. The drinks aisle is the first you visit at the supermarket and you are keen to see which Champagne promotions are running so you can set budgets for the rest of your shop.
  6. Your party trick is sabering open a bottle of Champagne.
  7. Not only are you collecting the corks and the capsules from bottles you drink, but you are also guarding the empty bottles just incase you can recycle them in to candle holders in the future.
  8. You know more than 10 Champagne houses as apposed to just Moet & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot.
  9. You always take a photo for social media of the bottle you are about to enjoy and most certainly when you’ve poured yourself that first glass of bubbly. You may have even reached the extreme of videoing yourself open the bottle and sharing that on Vine or Instagram.
  10. Your reviews on Vivino and your rank in your country suddenly becomes more important than the amount of followers you have on Twitter or connections on Facebook.
  11. You feel that bit wiser, taller and smarter with that glass of Champagne in your hand, in fact it’s starting to become part of your ‘look’ when you are socialising.
  12. You are suddenly becoming referred to as Mr Bubbly, Mrs Bubbly or Champagne Charlie amongst family and friends. Could your ringtone on your phone be Champagne themed yet?
  13. One of your monthly ambitions is to purchase and enjoy a bottle of Krug.
  14. You are determined to take a holiday to the Champagne region of France and if you have already been there then you’re desperate to go back there.
  15. You’ve got your very special Champagne glass at home, in-fact you may even have your name engraved on the glass itself, maybe even your age 30th, 40th, 50th +  !
  16. You dream of changing your career for a life in Champagne. In-fact you may have already thought about taking a wine course / WSET education and you’ve certainly been to a local Champagne tasting or two.
  17. You follow other people who like Champagne on social media. You are also starting to watch Champagne themed videos on Youtube.
  18. Not only do you drink with excitement your Champagne, you take time to pour it correctly, study its colour in your glass, take in the bouquet and you are beginning to roll the Champagne around in your mouth to appreciate the full depth of its taste.
  19. You know which grapes go in to making Champagne and you have studied the map of the Champagne region. You know the importance of Grand Cru and important villages such as Ay and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger.
  20. You’ve always a bottle of chilled Champagne in the fridge ready and this doesn’t tie it down to being enjoyed for just celebrations or special moments, it’s there for when you feel like your next glass which could just possibly be in the next few minutes…


Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.