2017 Vineyard Breaks: Which Region to visit?

10th January 2017


Planning your summer holidays or just fancy a quick getaway? Why not make it a wine holiday – there are more stunning vineyards than ever right on our doorstep in the UK or you can venture further and escape the winter blues.

Champagne, France

The most famous wine country in the world. France is full of beautiful, historical places to visit. The Champagne region is a place everyone should try and visit at least once in their life. See the cities of Reims and Epernay, the hub of Champagne, while driving around the surrounding areas filled with endless vines. With big Champagne houses mixed with small family-run producers, you will never be lost for a place to discover a new Champagne.

There’s also Crémant, which is produced all over France – 8 zones to be exact. If you’re more of a warm weather and beach fan, head to the south of France. You can find many Crémant de Limoux vineyards not far from the coast.
Not a fan of the heat? Alsace is a beautiful place to visit and right on the border with Germany. You can explore the charming city of Strasbourg and enjoy some famous Crémant d’Alsace. Of course, there’s also the Crémant de Loire located in the Loire Valley, France’s largest sparkling wine producer outside of Champagne. This region is situated along the Loire river and is perfect for seeing many stunning Chateaux.

England & Wales

You don’t even have to leave the country! There’s plenty of vineyards within reach of London and with accommodation. The south has the most concentration of vineyards, so consider areas such as Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Cornwall and south Wales.

Treviso, Italy

With Prosecco being such a superstar in the UK, it’s only right to see where it originates. North East Italy to be exact, around the Treviso and Trento areas. This incredible location is home to this popular sparkling wine and some seriously amazing food. The locals are very friendly and will offer a warm welcome. It’s also not far from the famous city of Venice.


Spain’s most famous sparkling wine is Cava, so visiting Catalonia where it’s mainly produced is a haven for wine enthusiasts. Penedès is where 95% of Cava is produced, with the 2 biggest producers being Codorníu and Freixenet. There’s also some quaint surrounding villages with more vineyards to explore.


While the Portuguese sparkling wine scene isn’t as well-known as its neighbour, it remains a wonderful, friendly place to visit for wine-lovers. Espumate is made across the country. For top quality Espumante, head to the Bairrada region and in Távora-Varosa sub region, both towards to north.

South Africa

A bit further afield, this country boasts amazing sparkling wine, called Methode Cap Classique (traditional method) combined with incredible scenery, from mountain ranges to blue seas. South African wine tends to be fruity thanks to the warm temperatures.


Australia has come a long way in sparkling wine production. It’s home to the sparkling shiraz (sparkling red wine) which is predicted to rise in popularity. Tasmania is currently the main area of production so the best place to visit to try a great variety of quality bubbly.

….Where else? This is just a sample of the many wine regions around the world. There’s also the many Central and Eastern European countries (such as Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic), Canadian, American, South American and more, all moving forward with sparkling wine production.

So why not try out a vineyard break? There’s no shortage of choice. Beautiful views, great company and a glass of bubbly in hand – what could be better!

Glass of Bubbly

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