290 years ago, Champagne came to be!

29th May 2018


Once upon a time, a young King of France bemoaned the fact that he had to forego Champagne whenever he visited his mistress, Madame de Pompadour. Some 290 years later, the decision he took still reverberates as a fundamental shift in cultural habits in societies all over. Since with power comes responsibility, de Venoge Champagne house will be honouring this event by raising a glass as befits the man who brought Champagne to the world: King Louis XV.

It all began on 25 May 1728: by an unreported judgement, King Louis XV authorised the commercialisation and transportation of bottled Champagne wines. The prise de mousse or second fermentation was finally permitted to happen in the bottle, and so Champagne was born. Now 290 years on, Champagne is more than ever a wine apart—inimitable, legendary, spectacular.

A myth that has not aged one jot in almost three hundred years and is the enduring epitome of French Art de Vivre, while remaining thoroughly modern and anchored in its time. True to the original spirit and exceptional character of Champagne, de Venoge has never relinquished the great work undertaken by Louis the Beloved. Its iconic Louis XV cuvée, made exclusively from Grand crus and only produced in the finest vintages, is the quintessence of the house’s savoir-faire. On the 25th of May, the home of de Venoge Champagne situated on the prestigious Avenue de Champagne in Epernay paid tribute to this king to whom Champagne owes so very much!

Glass of Bubbly

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