3 Must Visit Italian Sparkling Wine Wineries

19th May 2020

3 Must Visit Italian Sparkling Wineries

Enjoying a fine Sparkling Wine is one thing, but enjoying it at the place it was created is another.

If you ever travel to Italy and find yourself wanting a memory to last a lifetime, then these three wineries will surely do the trick.

Ferrari Trento

Starting in 1902, Ferarri Trento is now a wonderland of Italian Sparkling Wine, with the entire experience being unforgettable, from the expressive flavours in the glass to the picturesque views of Italian mountains and vines.

Being a winery and region that is highly regarded by both the CEO of Glass of Bubbly – Christopher Walkey and Honorary Judge and Champagne Author – Michael Edwards, it has to be on your list of must visit Italian wineries.

Giulio Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari Trento was one of the first people to make substantial planting of Chardonnay in the Trentino region.

Ferrari has a substantial offering of tours, so you might well end up coming back to take them all, starting at 20€ they offer #ToTheMaximum Tour, Zero Rosé Tour, Tour Black&White, Perlé Line and Great Vintages, if you thought that was it, you would happily be mistaken, they offer 4 more packages, which include dishes cooked by their Michelin star-winning Chef Edoardo Fumagalli, if you want to find out more or book a tour then just click here, there is enough to experience at Ferrari Trento to spend a whole week enjoying what they have to offer.

If you decide to stay the night, or the week, you will be graciously welcomed at Villa Margon, a sixteenth-century country house with over 500 years of history in its rooms, this is one of the oldest and most beautiful places to stay, anywhere in the Alps.

Staying and enjoying just some of what Ferrari Trento has to offer is must definitely The Italian Art of Living.

Villa Sandi

You can visit the winery and go on a wonderful tour to include a brief initial overview of all the vineyards and areas they produce their grapes from, then on to a walk through their wine cellars up to a grand finale within the amazing and quite exquisite Palladian-style villa that dates back to 1622.

Some wineries allow you to stay on the grounds overnight, Villa Sandi has 6 bedrooms overlooking their rolling vineyards in their Locanda Sandi Hotel and Restaurant, so you don’t need to worry about driving back. They offer Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, with Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options.

After tasting their range of Sparkling Wines, if you want to take a bottle home to enjoy later, then before you leave, head on over to their shop, where they sell their full range of Sparkling Wines.

They produce 30 million bottles of both their still and Sparkling Wines each year.

Villa Sandi was also home to The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards Trophy from 2018-2019 and is home to many award winning Sparkling Wines.

You will always be warmly greeted and welcomed at Villa Sandi, from their tour guides right up to their president and owner Mr Giancarlo Moretti Polegato and the rest of his family.

Bisol Prosecco

Bisol has been around for 5 centuries, since 1542 and has had 21 generations creating great tasting wine, the only time Bisol was interrupted was during the First World War, the Valdobbiadene territory (where Bisol is located) laid right on the battle lines between the Austrian-Hungarian forces and their opponents, the Italians, but in 1920 they were back on track.

As Bisol is located in the DOCG region, Mr. Gianluca Bisol says, it is the finest area for producing wonderful Glera grapes to make the best Prosecco which is rightly called Superiore.

Bisol Prosecco exports their wines to 69 countries internationally and produces 389,000 bottles of wine which include 20,000 bottles of their Cartizze label.

Bisol holds 20 vineyard plots in DOCG with 2 of the hectares located in the Cartizze region, the Cartizze region is the crème de la crème for making Prosecco, it is known as the ‘Grand Cru’ of the Prosecco Superior area, with only 107 hectares in Cartizze and just 140 growers, it is truly something special to own a part of it, the rolling hills on which the vines grow are not reachable by machinery, so all the grapes are looked after and picked by hand, Cartizze is valued between 1.5 to 2 million euros a hectare, one of the highest prices for a hectare in the world.

3 Must Visit Italian Sparkling Wine Wineries

Whichever Italian Winery you decide to visit, you will have a splendid time and leave with a bottle full of unforgettable memories and most likely a bottle full of Italian Sparkling Wine.

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.