3 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Champagne

3rd April 2019


Many people love drinking Champagne when it’s time to celebrate. New Year’s Eve is a perfect example because the bubbly flows freely at midnight as we ring in the new year.

As you can imagine, weddings are no different. We want to toast the bride and groom and wish them well on their way to a happy, healthy, and fruitful life. Champagne is the perfect drink for this special occasion.

But there’s one problem. How do you know if you’ve picked the ideal Champagne for your wedding? It’s tough to decide because there are so many things to consider.

Well, you’ve managed to pick the perfect wedding dress after shopping online at Azazie. How did you figure it out? You asked for the valued and trusted opinions of family members and friends.

As far as picking Champagne is concerned, we’d like to be the valued voice in your ear steering you in the right direction. So if you don’t mind, please keep reading and consider our expert counsel.

Tip #1: Pick Champagne to Fit Your Budget

Like most people, you might need to implement money savings wedding planning tips to afford the best and most successful wedding possible. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to your wedding budget. Your restraint will set you up for financial success in many other aspects of your marriage and life.

So, as you set the budget for your wedding, determine how much you can comfortably spend on champagne. Once you have this amount in place, next you have to determine the numbers of guests attending the reception and go from there.

Since the average bottle of Champagne contains 5 glasses per bottle, you can easily determine a per bottle amount to fit your budget.

As an example, say 100 people will attend your wedding reception. One hundred guests divided by five glasses per bottle equals 20 bottles. If your budget is $500, you can spend $25 per bottle and have enough for everyone to have a glass for the wedding toast. To play it safe, you can spend $20 per bottle and get 25 bottles of champagne and have extras on hand just in case.

Tip #2: What Champagne Do You Like in Your Price Range?

Now that you’ve determined your price per bottle, it’s time to have some fun and begin sampling different options in your price range. Remember, it’s your wedding so the bride and groom should love Champagne and not worry so much about other people’s opinions. It’s your day, not theirs, so make the most of it!

Now it’s time to visit the store where you intend to buy Champagne and tell them your story. Tell them you’d like to try their three to five best bottles of Champagne in your price range and choose the option you and your future spouse like the best.

Tip #3: Food Pairings

The last thing to consider is pairing your Champagne with the food. If you plan on serving Champagne with the meal or appetizers this becomes even more important.

Truthfully, two types of Champagne really stand out because they are well suited to go with food. The types we recommend include Rosé and Vintage.

So, your best bet is to sample Champagne in these categories. Pick the one you like the most out of these options.

Final Thoughts

You’ve done the hard work. You’ve picked the perfect Champagne for your wedding among a million other critical choices. Enjoy your wedding because you’ve earned it. Even better, remember to make the most of your honeymoon because now is the time to experience a wonderful wedding getaway with your better half as you start your new lives together.

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