30-Second Wine

15th August 2015

30-Second Wine

30-Second Wine is a new wine book due out in September, compiled by renowned Sommelier, Gérard Basset. The book is designed to cover 50 essential topics, edited into 300 word sections, designed to be read in 30 seconds. It takes you from terroir to the technicalities of winemaking, introducing you to the important grapes and iconic regions, offering an overview of the business of wine and how it works, and concluding with a section on the enjoyment of wine.

The book covers everything from the vineyard and winery to the grapes, including the history Champagne and how it is made.
There are also sections on ageing wine, how to taste it and wine with food.

“Champagne is not the only wine to sparkle but it has the reputation for being the best, owing to its climate, geology and production method.” 30-Second Wine.

Annette Alvarez-Peters, David Bird MW, Martin Campion, Jeremy Dixon, Paul Lukacs, Debra Meiburg MW, Jane Parkinson, Stephen Skelton MW.

30-Second Wine
Publisher Ivy Press
Lead editor Gerard Basset
Foreword by Annette Alvarez-Peters


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