4 Applications That You Will Find Useful When it Comes to Choosing Champagne or Sparkling Wines

1st April 2022


The wine and Champagne industry is constantly evolving to keep up with new trends and the growing taste of customers worldwide. This process has created a lot of need-to-know information, as they are critical to choosing a great bottle.

Technology has stepped up to bridge this gap through apps, which keep things simple while improving your wine choices.

Why You Need An Application For Choosing Your Wines and Champagnes

Like everything before technological disruptions, buying sparkling wine or Champagne depended on several factors:

• You need to have tried the wine, whether at taste testing or somewhere else.
• Word of mouth can be a pretty compelling reason.
• There’s advertising and curiosity, among other things.

But ideal situations don’t always exist; there will be times you might need to pick out a bottle from a range of sparkling wines and Champagnes that you’ve not seen in an ad, tried for yourself, or been recommended to by others.

Situations like this warranted wine apps, similar to how online casinos were developed for ease of access and remote use. Additionally, your selection process is essential since you’ll be spending real money on any wine you end up with, similar to how you use a real money online casino in Canada or Czech casino hub. A trusted platform can help make the experience of playing casino games safer and better – just like you want to make sure to choose the right bottle of sparkling wine. In both cases, apps come to the rescue, availing all necessary information on a compact system for use.

Four Apps To Check Out
The industry is saturated with many apps, but here are a few that are worth to check out:

1. Wine-Searcher
With this app, you can search for wines and compare prices. Wine Searcher is connected to a database containing the prices of over 5.5 million wines, with the available offers from 40,000 global retailers.

The app not only tells you the details of the wine, including grape variety, origin, and price history, but it also tells you where you can get it and the price differences. This way, you can find the closest or more budget-friendly options.

2. Vivino
With Vivino, you scan wine labels to get the details of each bottle, including features, availability, price, and critic ratings. There’s even an option to place an order from your phone.

The app comes with a scanner for taking pictures of wines. The connecting database has the data of over two million wines, with enough data on the grape variety, rank, rating notes, and food pairing.

3. Living Wine Labels
This app uses augmented reality to bring each wine label to life. For it to work, the wine labels must be AR-enabled. If they are, the label will transform into a motion picture narrating the backstory of the wine.

4. Delectable
Delectable has a similar modus operandi to Vivino. You scan the label with the app and get a flurry of data on the wine, including tasting critique, price range, and vintage, among other details.

The app goes a step further by allowing you to keep track of all the different wines you have tried and what you think of them. It then analyses your tastes and critiques with those of wine critics, sommeliers, and winemakers to provide better suggestions that suit your preferences.

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