4 Food and Drink Pairings to Try in Auckland, New Zealand

10th November 2022

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If you’re traveling to Auckland, New Zealand soon, you may not just be thinking about the beautiful sights you’ll see but also about the delicious food you’ll eat along the way.

New Zealand has a rich variety of cuisines to sample and experience. From local favorites to fusion foods, you’ll find something to suit every taste!

Here are four cuisines to try during your visit to Auckland, along with bubbly wine pairings to elevate each dining experience into a meal you won’t forget.

1. Fusion Foods
There are many cultures that reside in New Zealand today. In particular, Auckland has many Asian-influenced restaurants that can lend some unique flavors to other local New Zealand dishes. Try some Taiwanese street food, kebabs, or Asian fusion restaurants.

With Asian fusion foods, a vibrant, higher-acidity wine is often your best bet. Choose a fruity or floral brut to complement the spice. Marlborough is the most famous region in New Zealand for producing sparkling wine, but you can find delicious bubbly in all sorts of styles from areas up and down the length of the country.

2. Aboriginal Food
While in New Zealand, you have to try some of the native, aboriginal recipes that have been around for centuries. Simple, original, and delicious Maori cuisine is found all over Auckland and will give you a sense of the native food culture. It’s also affordable, so you can experience local culture without a hefty price tag.

Be sure to try hāngī, which is a traditional method of cooking foods like fish and sweet potatoes in a pit that has been dug in the ground and is heated with hot stones. Modern dishes use all kinds of ingredients – not just fish and potatoes. These dishes cook for hours to give the food a rich, warm flavor that is smokey and earthy; it’s the ultimate comfort food for your trip to Auckland.

If you’re eating hāngī in a restaurant, try pairing it with a dry sparkling rosé. A heavier wine might be too much combined with the hearty cuisine.

3. Fine Dining
If you’re looking to treat yourself, there are also a number of fine dining experiences in Auckland. Many of the fine dining experiences you’ll come across in Auckland combine excellent food with an atmosphere and quality service to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Most of the fanciest restaurants in Auckland are based on modernizing traditional New Zealand cuisine, creating an elevated take on ancient traditional flavors. Look for restaurants owned and operated by native Maori chefs for the most authentic local experience.

Of course, no fine dining experience is complete without a truly phenomenal wine pairing. Tohu Wines, the world’s first Maori-owned and operated wine company, makes some of the finest Méthode Traditionelle sparkling wines in the Oceanic region. Sip a glass of their Tohu Rewa Blanc De Blancs while enjoying your elevated Maori cuisine.

4. Seafood
Since New Zealand is an island country, it is famous for its seafood. In fact, seafood is deeply ingrained in its society due to the Maori fishing culture. Fishing was a sacred and integral part of Maori culture, and that still remains true today.

When combined with foods brought in by immigrants, there are a number of plays on seafood. From scallops to shellfish to whitefish, there is seafood to every taste. Since it comes right from the shore, the bounty of the sea is always perfectly fresh, so you can guarantee you’re getting the best seafood experience.

We all know seafood pairs brilliantly with white and sparkling wines. Your options are basically limitless here, but we’d suggest classic dry Champagne for most seafood pairings.

A Unique Experience Awaits
From fine dining to cheap eats, there are a variety of things to try in Auckland, and just as many fantastic bubbly wines to pair them with. Whether you’re there for a short time or an extended stay, there are plenty of exciting ways to experience the local food and beverage culture.

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