4 Must-Have Pool Party Essentials for Your Summer Soirée

19th April 2022

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When we hear the word ‘summer’, we’re immediately transported to thoughts of sparkling swimming pool water, delicious smells of barbecued burgers and the sound of clinking glasses of fizz over laughter.

Indulge in the sensations of summer by hosting a big backyard soirée this season. What are you waiting for? Call your friends, grab your swimsuit and a cold drink and let’s do this! Here are a few must-have essentials to help you throw the best and biggest pool party bash this summer.

1. Safety Measures First — Anytime you’re hosting a gathering, it’s vital to think through all of the necessary safety precautions. From sun protection to water safety to even ensuring guests make it home safely by providing alcohol-free provisions like non-alcoholic wine, the best hosts are those who anticipate and cater to their guests’ needs. This will help everyone stay comfortable and safe throughout the evening.

Cultivate a comfortable and safety-centered atmosphere by providing plenty of shade options like umbrellas and extra hats for guests to use. Put out a few extra bottles of sunscreen sprays for your friends to easily share and re-apply as the day stretches on. Also consider placing a few different type of floaties in your pool for people to snag if they’re feeling tired in the water. Keep safety at the front of your mind, and everyone will have a great time.

2. Something Refreshing for Everyone — One of the most important tasks a host has is providing refreshments that everyone will enjoy. It’s a great time to enjoy a glass of fizz or cocktail, but whether there are underage guests, pregnant women or just those simply not wishing to partake in consuming alcohol, it’s essential to provide options for everyone. Ice cold beverages like non-alcoholic craft beer are the perfect inclusive item that anyone and everyone can sip on without feeling left out.

Some statistics show that one-third of people in the United States don’t drink alcohol. Be prepared to provide for your party attendees regardless of their sobriety choice. You never know why someone may be choosing to stay sober, but you can rest easy knowing you provided them with a delicious option to keep in their hand.

If your sober guests don’t enjoy the taste of beer and prefer something sweet and fruity, be sure to offer them non-alcoholic rosé for a taste of summer in a glass.

Stock your ice chest with a variety of drinks to create an environment where everyone feels welcome. Keep the party going late into the night with delicious alcohol-free options on hand. Then you can sit back and relax knowing that your guests will feel taken care of and get home safely at the end of the night.

3. Don’t Forget the Playlist — Now that you’ve got the safety precautions and the variety of cold refreshments fit for everyone to enjoy, the next item on our list is, of course, the music. A great host always has a playlist ready!

Be prepared for any kind of mood that may strike during your summer party. Put together a few playlists based on different music tastes. Include one with pop music for dancing, chilled-out slower-tempo songs for relaxing and a little bit of rock for those guests who love the harder stuff. A great playlist is an absolute must-have essential for putting on a pool party that your guests will remember for summers to come.

4. Games for All Ages — Last but not least on our list of essentials are: games! Set up a couple of game stations that people of all ages can enjoy.

Corn hole and other similar lawn games are excellent family-friendly choices that can also serve as icebreakers for any nervous guests mingling at your event. Water games like volleyball or other competitions are a great way to pass the time in the cool water as well. You can even consider turning a classic drinking game into one that includes the whole family by using alcohol-free beverages to play.

Give your party guests a variety of game options for their different ages and interests. There’s no better way to turn the fun up and help everyone get to know each other for the ultimate fun time.

In conclusion, your summer soirée will be the party of the season if you remember to include these four essentials. Keep your guests’ safety at the forefront of your mind, provide non-alcoholic options for everyone to have a good time regardless of sobriety choice and don’t forget the music and games.

A little bit of preparation goes a long way when anticipating and taking care of any needs your pool party attendees may have. With these four tips, you’ll have your party lasting late into the night with laughs and good times — and none of the concern about driving home safely.

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