4 Tips On Designing A Wine Cellar

9th July 2020

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There are a lot of people who love to have their own collection of wine. It’s very common in their homes, to have a wine cellar. It is usually a small space for their wine collection in their basement. The basement acts as an aging place for wine and it also acts as an aesthetic storage space. So, if you are someone who adores wine and wants to build a collection or a wine cellar, then here is a guide that you will need to follow.

1. Proper Flooring
For a wine cellar, the right choice of floors matters a lot. You want something that is not going to trap moisture and which will stay dry and durable as well. For this purpose, laminated floors are considered to be the best option for a wine cellar. Laminate flooring is engineered to always remain dry and not collect or absorb any moisture. At the same time, laminated floors look very chic and rustic. For a wine cellar, you can go for a rustic color of laminate flooring. This will add a lot of character to your wine cellar.

2. The Right Temperature Matters
A wine cellar is a storage space for aging wine. So, the right temperature matters a lot too. You need to control the temperature and humidity in the wine cellar, because that can decide the fate of your wine and the final taste of the wine after it is done aging. The right temperature for a wine cellar is anywhere between the range of 55 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity level in your wine cellar should be around 50 to 70 percent, otherwise the wine corks can become dry and ultimately stuck, which could end up altering the taste of your wine in the end. There are a lot of devices for this.

3. Wine Storage Racks
For a wine cellar, you will need storage racks. They are usually made by a carpenter and it usually consists of a huge tower of different racks meshed in it. In each mesh, a bottle of wine resides. This can be made according to any design and choice of wood. You can also get creative with the style and add accents of glass and other colors to personalize it.

4. Lighting
A wine cellar is always a rustic and cozy place. So the lighting in your wine cellar is also very important. The best option for wine cellars is LED lights. They can emit ambient light and they don’t increase the temperature of the wine cellar. Conventional halogen or filament bulbs can become heated over time and the increasing temperature can mess with the aging process of the wine. Also the color of light needs to be soft and warm. It shouldn’t be too light, otherwise it might look too overexposed and not cozy at all.

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