464 Million Bottles of Prosecco DOC were Sold in 2018

15th May 2020

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464 Million Bottles of Prosecco DOC were Sold in 2018

That is an estimated retail value of 2.4 billion euros, 2 billion pounds, or 2.5 billion dollars.

Out of the 464 million bottles of Prosecco sold, 83.32% were Sparkling, 16.63% Semi-Sparkling and 0.05% Still.

Out of the Sparkling Wine – 25% was Brut, 63% was Extra Dry, 1% Dry and 2% Demi-sec.

In 2018 Italians spent an estimated 600 million euros on 116 million bottles of Prosecco DOC, making up 25% of the entire market.

If you want to pin down which parts of Italy buy the most Prosecco, 37% of Italian sales came from North West Italy, 30% from North East Italy, 19% from the Centre of Italy and 14% from the South and Islands of Italy.

That leaves the other 75% of Prosecco sales to come from the foreign market, a whopping, 1.8 billion euros, 1.5 billion pounds or 1.9 billion dollars spent on 348 million bottles of Prosecco DOC.

But where in the world did these 348 million bottles of Prosecco go?

I – Europe made up the biggest market with 72%, which is approximately 250 million bottles and just under 1.3 billion euros.

II – North America came second with 21.9%, which is approximately 76 million bottles, just under 400 million euros, approximately 426 million dollars.

III – Russia with 3.8%.

IV – Australia & New Zealand with 1.6%

V – South America with 0.6%

VI – Africa with 0.1%

In total approximately 3.7 million hectolitres of Prosecco was made in 2018, that would be three hundred seventy million litres, the largest production from the past 6 years, this figure has at least doubled since 2013’s production of about 1,800,000 hectolitres.

These are just the facts and figures of DOC, not counting any DOCG Prosecco, Prosecco is a billion pound industry that will take a hit this year (2020) but will most definitely bounce back, because we Brits will never stop wanting a Glass of Bubbly in our hand.

Please note that these facts and figures will not be 100% accurate, some will be rounded up or down to make it easier to read and understand, the source for these facts and figures came from the institutional bodies, house sparkling companies and questionnaire processed c/o producers.

Oliver Walkey

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