5 Best Wines Perfect for Gifting

2nd August 2022

Red Sparkling Wine

Wine is a classic gift, whether it’s a birthday or a house party. With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to take a refresher on choosing the right bottle.

Everyone’s personal preferences are very different. So if you are looking for that personalized gift, you really need to know the person. So close friends, family, and people who spend a lot of time together know what they eat and what drinks they like.

So choose wisely what actually suits them. Here are some of the great wines you can consider gifting.

Melba Amphora

Steve Webber and his team have been experimenting with traditional Australian winemaking for some time, which is the most recent discovery. This is a real departure from Australian red winemaking and a kind of return to basics.

Produced from the vineyards of Melba in the Yarra Valley, this wine is aged for 150 days in earthen vessel amphora and then pressed for another 150 days in old French oak. This process tends to soften the tannins and promotes vibrant colors.

This is a very fragrant wine with a very beautiful and alluring taste. The structure sits comfortably within the fruit, creating a wine with balance and finesse.

Blue Pinot Gris

According to the winemaker, this product is a blue Pinot Gris, but not a blue wine. It is a color that shines like water and has a slight green on the outside. Debortoli wine continues its path of evolution and evolution with the launch of the new Blue Pinot Gris

Pear skin and red apple notes are combined with light notes of musk and citrus. The light weight of pears and red apples is refreshing, with a hint of citrus and light spice on the back.

The finish is dry, characterized by refreshing acidity and a bright aftertaste. Blue Pinot Gris represents a journey to experience the wonders of life.

Sinister Collection

Be aware that this deep red blend will captivate your senses. Actum Sinister has decadent aromas of dark fruits such as Blackberries, raspberries, and juicy black cherries.

This mischievous blend of three wines produces a bold wine with a wicked fruity character. Embrace the velvety nature of Actum Sinister, and you’ve crossed over to the dark side.

Dark, Bold, Intense, and Mysterious are four words that describe this quirky yet deliciously dangerous series. This collection celebrates the Australian outback and brings these labels to life using web-based augmented reality.

This red blend from the warm Rutherglen region brings out the fruity fruit, pepper, and spice of Shiraz combined with the dark blackberry character of Durif.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is the most specialized wine in the world. It’s technical to perform fermentation to make alcohol and secondary fermentation to make bubbles.

Throughout the winemaking process, winemakers have to make many decisions that greatly affect the taste of the final wine. And I discovered many styles of sparkling wine.

This style of sparkling wine is lean with aromas of flowers, fresh apples, tropical fruits, limes, and lemon zest.

Rutherglen Estate Sparkling Shiraz Durif

The 2018 Rutherglen Estate Sparkling Shiraz Durif is a vibrant reddish garnet ruby ​​surrounded by soft, lasting lather. A mouth-watering cream mousse on top of fresh red berries, chocolate, and spices. Chalky tannins balance residual sweetness to balance the palate.

The result is a soft, velvety taste. Aromas of red berries and spices, with hints of darker berries and chocolate, as some of the final blends, spend time in aged oak to add complexity.

The limited edition brick color is surrounded by soft, lasting foam. Aromas of fine oak toast, with delicate chocolate and dark berry characteristics and hints of spice and cedar oak. The wines spent 4 years in old oak and 2 years in Lee, which is much more complicated.

A mouth-watering cream mousse is topped with a complex of chocolate and spices. The freshness and sweetness left over from the recent taste balance the chalky tannins and aged character to balance the palate. The result is a complex taste that is creamy and velvety. This wine is unlike any wine we have previously made on the Rutherglen estate one to taste.


These are the best types of wines you can give to someone. They will be impressed by your choice, and they will definitely praise you for your unique choice of wine. So why wait to order these unique wines and make a day for your close ones?

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