5 Drinks That Will Keep Your Mind Sharp

20th September 2018


Everyone always wants to know the kind of foods that can make the mind sharp because the mind is the most important tool in the body. It is usually the driving forces that help you to identify opportunities as well as sustain them. Researchers that work on college papers want to discover the brain drink that can boost the brain functions, students want to discover the best drink that would help their memory in addition to the Classical music they listen to. Employees want to know the best drink that can help them overcome the hangover of the previous day and make them sharp for the tasks of the new day, Even athletes and business owners strive to know the brain drink that would enable them to think better and come up with amazing projects or better work techniques. In a bid to providing a solution to this dilemma, scientists and Nutritionists alike have engaged in a series of research and compiled some drinks that contain qualities that are good for the mind.

Here are some of the drinks

⦁ Red Wine- The benefits of Red Wine are numerous to the human body. At first glance, you would have concluded that it is only useful for reducing cardiovascular health challenges. However, it has been scientifically proven to lower the risk for dementia. As the years advance for most elderlies, the brainpower begins to reduce due to the fact that most cells are dying and not being replaced. This has caused a lot of emotional trauma for their loved ones, as it is difficult for the elderly ones to remember sensitive information such as names. The intake of red wine, however, has been proven to increase the cells in the brain and help in better recognition and retention of information. When you look into the field of literature, you will notice that a staggering number of best selling authors are over the age of 50 and are still writing best sellers. Stephen King in his 60’s still continued to release best selling novels as well as J.K. Rowling and both have reflected a love for red wine at certain times. A survey undertaken by Australian scientists showed that most writers who took red wine steadily tended to have better memory and output than others.

⦁ Cocoa drink- Cocoa drink has been proven to be a great companion when it snows or rains, and also as a major stimulant for the mind at any time of the day. The drink has the presence of flavanols, which is an antioxidant that helps to reduce high blood pressure that is a major factor that leads to dementia. If you had a long and tiresome night, you could go on to get a hot cup of cocoa drink as it would immediately stimulate your brain activity while improving your mood as well. Children who are introduced to cocoa from an early age have the tendency to have very IQ levels and perform better in tasks as it helps them to retain information better. Cocoa also has the additional benefit of keeping you from gaining weight. When it is in chocolate form, kids will absolutely love it and become smarter as a result.

⦁ Carrot Juice- Often times, people retain the assertion that carrots are only good for the eyes without knowing that carrots contain high amounts of beta-carotene that is good for the brain. Apart from the fact that it is highly tasty, its role in improving brainpower is very vital and that is why you should always endeavour to drink a glass of the juice per day. Also, the health of your eyes is inextricably linked to your brainpower as poor eye health will result in low levels of memory retention as well as poor mental conditioning.

⦁ Champagne: There are hardly any people who hate Champagne and the reasons why are very obvious: A glass is tasty and very helpful for your health. A glass of Champagne contains what is known as polyphenol antioxidants that serve the function of fighting against cardiovascular diseases as well as helping your mind stay sharp. Another great benefit is that your face retains a youthful glow while your mind remains capable.

⦁ Beet juice- Every brain requires one major activity to function efficiently and that is blood flow. If there is low blood flow, the output of the brain will be minimal. This is why Beet juice is a dynamic brainpower drink because it increases nitric oxide that functions as a gas to improve blood flow in the body system

With a highly functioning mind, anyone can do what he or she wishes to engage in. Students can easily take up great careers as Paper writers for hire, business owners can easily create inventions that would shoot their companies to the top of their niches. With the intake of drinks listed in this article, a fully functional mind can become a reality.

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