5 Excellent & Budget Gift Ideas For A Drink Lover In Your Life

11th December 2018


Are you searching for a perfect gift for a drink lover in your life? Does this person need to know how thankful you are for them being in your life? Wine lovers are passionate and often hard to please when it comes to their favourite drinks. But, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to find their right taste. Here we have mentioned a few gifts that are sure to impress even the most eclectic connoisseurs.

#1 Dogfish Head’s Randall Jr.
If your gift recipient is a creative foodie, then you can never go wrong with Dogfish Head’s Randall Jr. This inexpensive gourmet drink enables you to play with your taste and infuse different flavors from herbs, fruits, and candies into beer. You can easily buy it with discount vouchers. It is very easy to use – just pour the beer in it, mix your ingredients, put the lid and keep it in the fridge. After a few minutes, remove the top and fill your glass with flavor-infused beer and simply relish your creation.

#2 Bicycle Wine Rack
This leather bottle holder for bicycle comes handy for wine lovers who are always cruising from one party to another or often on their way to the park. It is made from olive oil-treated leather with antique fasteners in Montreal that seamlessly hangs on the bicycle frame. Giving this bike bottle holder will surely make your giftee wonder why they haven’t bought one already yet.

#3 Owl’s Brew Cocktail Mixer
If you are looking for someone who follows food predictions, then tea cocktails are expected to be trendy tipple. This affordable mixer can let you make tea that is available in several flavours. What makes it excellent for a drink lover is it mixes literally with anything, whether it is rum, Champagne or vodka. It is also a great choice over traditional soda. This makes a lovely gift for dry drinker in your life as its unique taste has proven to satisfy the taste buds of many.

#4 BlizeTec 3-in-1 Wine Chiller
You may not be able to lay out on a big cooler for your drink lover, but you can certainly help them preserve the chill. After putting at least 2 hours in the freezer, this wine chiller can be immersed in the bottle to keep your wine cool and aerate. It is approved by FDA and its amazing stainless design fits in any bottle. This slender thing come with a lifetime warranty, meaning your gift will last forever as long as the giftee sips.

#5 Pocket Corkscrew
You will find plenty of corkscrews, but you will be enticed to buy Pocket Corkscrew. It is a self-pulling opener and you simply need to put the collar over the bottle. Ensure the screw is fixed in the centre of the cork and gently turn the handle with your finger in the clockwise direction. The cork effortlessly pops out without any pulling. Just rotate it in the opposite direction to remove the cork. As a bonus you can give a set of good reusable bottle caps that can go on the top of the bottle when the drink is still left in the bottle.

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