5 Foods that Pair Perfectly with the Sparkling Rosé Wine

1st March 2019


One of the most versatile wines in this world that pairs with almost any food is the sparkling rosé wine. Any Sommelier knows it and will always recommend it as the best match for a sophisticated dish. Even though rosé sparkling wines have an intense flavor, they have also a lot of acidity. This makes them perfect for a variety of dishes, being extremely popular in a restaurant’s menu or perfect for your dinner party at home. This wine results from the combination between the red and white wines, or in case the winemaker left the red grapes with their skin for a short period. Thanks to these processes, rosé sparkling wines have a fruitier flavor in comparison to other sparkling wines. So, if you wonder which are the best foods to pair with sparkling rosé wine, keep reading this article and you will find the answer to your question.

5 Foods that Pair Perfectly with the Sparkling Rose Wine

1. Chicken Schnitzel
Rose sparkling wine works perfectly with anything fried and fat. Its acidity and bubbles will remove the fattiness and help in digestion. Therefore, a chicken breast coated in panko and fried in boiling oil will work perfectly with rose sparkling wine. This dish is not only extremely easy to make, but also awesomely delicious. You will need skinless, boneless chicken breast, eggs, all-purpose flour, panko, and canola oil. Season the chicken breast with salt and pepper and dredge it in flour, eggs, and panko. Cook it over moderate heat in the canola oil. Once ready, transfer it to a paper towel. Serve it with rose sparkling wine and you have the perfect dinner.

2. Creamy Risotto
The creamy risotto works perfectly in any combination you could think of. What is more, you don’t need too many ingredients and it is extremely easy to cook. Finely chop 2 medium shallots and cook them in 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil and 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter. Add also the garlic and cook them until the onion gets a gold color. Add 1 cup of Arborio rice and cook it for about 2 minutes until it becomes translucent. Finally, pour 3 cups of warm chicken broth and 1 cup of beer, one at a time, until it is entirely absorbed and gives the rice a creamy texture. You can also add cheese once ready and stir it until the cheese is completed melted.

3. Chocolate
Chocolate desserts work fine with any type of wine. When we think of sparkling rosé wine, one of the first desserts that come to our mind is the chocolate-covered strawberries. They will form a perfect union with the personality and fruited virtues of the rose sparkling wine. The wine’s acidity will immediately settle down the sweetness and intensity of the chocolate. Thus, if you want to surprise your better half with a delicious dessert, served together with a soft and fruity wine, then you have found the perfect combination.

4. Cheese
Even though sparkling rosé wine is extremely versatile, not every cheese goes well with it. For example, soft goat cheese served together with crackers or bread goes perfect thanks to its acidic and tangy flavor. On the other hand, it is extremely easy to create a simple and fancy meal with a hunk of feta and a glass of sparkling rose wine. You can add some fresh herbs, sprinkle it with olive oil, and you can serve everything with homemade bread. It’s so easy to create a tasty combination of flavors with a glass of sparkling rosé wine on the table.

5. BBQ menu
As we already mentioned above, the sparkling rosé wine works incredibly well with anything fatty and fried. You can serve it with a delicious and succulent burger, on a relaxing weekend lunch. Furthermore, you can also serve it next to barbecued pork ribs or chicken. The smoky flavor that accompanies the pork ribs or chicken will be immediately substituted by the acid and fruity flavor that the sparkling rosé wine possesses. But, meat and wine cannot be left alone. Therefore, you can prepare some potato chips and a caramelized onion sauce. You can also add onion rings and a black bean and red pepper salad and you have the ideal barbeque menu for you and your family.

Difference between Champagne and sparkling wine
One of the best paper writing services mentions that even though both of them have an energizing effervescence. True Champagne comes from France, named after the region where it was first cultivated and grown. What is more, Champagne comes from special grapes, grown in a mineral-rich soil and in a mild climate. On the other hand, if you want to easily discover which wine is Champagne or sparkling, you should first check the region where it was produced.

Authentic Champagne will always be produced in the Champagne region in France. Therefore, if you have a bubbly wine on your table which comes from a different region than this one, then you are tasting sparkling wine. In addition, depending on the region it comes from, the sparkling wine comes in different varieties. For example, the Sekt is the German version of the sparkling wine, while Prosecco comes from Italy. Cava is the Spanish sparkling wine, made of Macabeu grapes. In addition, there are also sparkling wines made in many other countries including England and America.

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