5 Reasons why Champagne is so Connected with Romance

9th April 2017


Champagne needs no real introduction as a perfect tonic to spice up that romantic moment, any occasion, any location and any time of the day and yes that does include Champagne for breakfast! Though why is Champagne just so associated with romance, be it Valentines day or a wedding day, first date to ‘I want to make it up to my Mrs and get back in to her good books‘ formula?

Champagne, from the romantic country for many of France, rich in history, iconic names like Veuve Clicquot, Dom Perignon and Moet & Chandon, enjoyed with strawberries and chocolates and famous celebrity names connections including James Bond, Leonardo Dicaprio and Marilyn Monroe. That chilled bottle in the ice bucket, the popping of the cork and the pouring of the fizz in to those classic flute style glasses all makes Champagne that ever more special in the eye of the consumer, but what reasons are really behind making it such a hot topic for the romantics out there – Let us explore some:

  • Seduction – The word Champagne and seduction have for a long time be firmly linked and goes as far back as the 18th century with Madame de Pompadour (royal courtesan) and favourite mistress to Louis XV. She was said to be the first beauty to shout out about Champagne at the Royal Court stating that ‘Champagne is the only wine that leaves a woman beautiful after drinking it’. We can also move on to another master of seduction, James Bond, and we all know how the ladies fall romantically for the 007 agent when he orders a bottle of Bollinger.
  • Health and Beauty – Champagne is mostly made from red grapes and we hear many stories of how red wine is good for the heart, in moderation of course! The antioxidants that are found in red grapes can help to lower blood pressure and prevent many serious heart problems. Another great thing to improve how you look and feel about yourself is “Champagne detoxifies the skin with antioxidants and lightening tartaric acid helps even out the skin tone,” which dermatologist Marina Peredo stated – And if you need any more reasons to enjoy Champagne then note that the very beautiful and adored Marilyn Monroe was said to bathe in Champagne of which the bubbles helped to keep her skin smooth and youthful.
  • Art – It is said that the famous painter Toulouse Lautrec was always happy to receive a glass of Champagne from the dancers at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. As he went about his artwork, the dancers would bring him a glass of bubbly.
  • Romantic France and traditional English combined – It is said that the Englishman Christopher Merret was the brains behind the now famous Champagne process though Dom Perignon himself was the person who invented sparkling wine. Merret, who was a scientist, made the bottle that could withstand the secondary fermentation that creates the bubbles we all love in our Champagne.
  •  Aphrodisiac – Many will say that foods like raw oysters and Champagne can really fuel up one’s passion drive and these two pair brilliantly together and will be served at many fine dinning experiences. The allure Champagne has as a luxury and aspirational product, the fact that research show tiny bubbles can help brain function and a Dr. Max Lake declaring that the scents of dry Champagne can replicate the delicate aromas of female pheromones then we certainly have a romantic great in each and every bottle!

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.