5 Reasons Champagne Tastes so Good

21st February 2017


From the moment you choose the perfect bottle to the unfortunate moment it’s all gone, drinking Champagne is an experience.

There’s just something about the fresh, slightly sweet taste and fizziness than can’t be compared to any other drink.

So what exactly makes it so irresistible?

1. The Production:
Champagne is made using methode champanoise or ‘traditional method’. It means that second fermentation takes place in individual bottles, rather than large thanks that some wineries use today. It helps give that delightfully toasty, deep and complex flavour.

1. The bubbles
The bubbles, from those that gently fizz to the lively ones that seem take over your senses, are so important. There’s nothing quite like the delightful fizz from Champagne. Generally, the smaller the bubbles, the finer the wine.

2. The ‘terroir’
Where the sparkling is grown makes a significant difference in its outcome. The Champagne region is considered to have the ideal conditions: steady climate, chalky soils and a long winemaking tradition. Factors considered are also the slope and terrain of the vineyards, as well as the minerality of the soil. These factors give the wines their unique tastes.

3. The history and passion
The Champagne region in France has been particularly influential in sparkling wines of today. The 3 main grapes of Champagne – Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay – are now planted across the globe. Generations upon generations of passionate winemakers have helped understand the perfect blends and know exactly what’s needed to make an incredible wine.

4. The connotations
It’s no secret that Champagne is associated with luxury and glamour. From the moment you hold that glass in your hands, the mood is already lifted. The luxurious connotations make for a more exciting drinking experience.

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