5 Reasons You Should be Drinking Cava

9th July 2016

5 Reasons You Should be Drinking Cava

Cava is the most famous Spanish fizz, but can sometimes seem left behind thanks to the soaring popularity of Prosecco and trusty Champagne.

Well it certainly shouldn’t be forgotten. Here’s why it’s time to get serious about Cava.

1. Beautifully dry and refreshing
Cava is a delicious bubbly with flavours of apple and citrus with hints of toastiness.

2. Made using the methode traditionelle
The same meticulous method used to make Champagne is used for producing Cava.

3. Great value
The low price tag may trick some into thinking it’s low quality, but that’s certainly not true. Many are cheaper or similarly priced to Prosecco yet Cava is made using a more laborious method. You can find many Cavas under £10.

4. It goes amazingly with tapas.
Tapas bars seem to be popping up everywhere and what could go better with Spanish food than Spanish fizz?

5. Ideal for summer get-togethers
Thanks to its great price and fruity flavours, Cava makes an ideal drink for a summer party, either on its own or with cocktails.

Where to buy Cava

Freixenet and Codorniu dominate the Cava market so you are bound to spot one of these in a supermarket or check out your local wine merchant. Also keep an eye out for smaller brands you might find an unsuspecting gem.

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