5 Sparkling Wine Cocktails Perfect For Corporate Launching Events

21st July 2021

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When launching a new product or campaign for your company, you’re expected to hold a corporate event where you invite employees, business partners, investors, clients, and potential customers so they can share this extra special moment with you.

May it be a live or virtual event that calls for cocktail dresses and stylish coats and ties, you must make sure that you have accounted for every little detail of your party. Aside from the venue that you can source from Thevendry.co and other similar companies, you also need to think about food and drinks to serve at the event. Along with good food, you’re also supposed to serve equally flavorful beverages and drinks to match the festivity of the occasion.

Wine may be a classic choice for corporate events but have you ever tried serving sparkling wine cocktails for your special guests? These cocktails are bubbly, aromatic, and can perfectly pair with the usual appetizers as you prep the palate of your VIPs. You can never go wrong with a burst of effervescence and sparkling wine cocktails are just the right kind of fizz that will make your corporate launching events even bubblier and fizzier.

Sparkling Wine Cocktails To Try
While sparkling wine is already good enough on its own, cocktails can make their taste even more complex and intriguing. Your event can magically seem luxurious with it in the mix. And everyone who attended your event will have a great and lasting impression.

So, for your next event, try including these cocktail mixes and ideas and get your bartender all busy and spritzed up:

1. Prosecco
The easily quaffable Prosecco is one of Italy’s most popular sparkling wines. Fermented using the Charmat method, this wine gets its bubbly style through secondary fermentation in a large container instead of in bottles. As a result, the bubbles are softer and deliver a sweet tang. To turn it into a cocktail drink, you may combine it with other bitter or tart ingredients such as rhubarb liqueur.

There’s also an option to simply add your favorite puree or fresh fruit juice if you prefer your cocktail to be a tad sweeter and more flavorful. If you need recommendations of the best bottles of Prosecco to try, you can check out Martini & Rossi Extra Dry Prosecco NV, Mionetto Prestige Brut Prosecco DOC Treviso, and Sterling Vintner’s Collection Prosecco.

2. Champagne Cocktail
Who doesn’t love the classic flavor of a Champagne cocktail? This sparkler is elegant enough to keep your guests asking for a couple more glasses. You won’t even need any special preparation tool to serve it: just a tasteful Champagne glass is more than enough.

Being an excellent aperitif, you can serve Champagne cocktails just right before the meal. It’s low in alcohol content so there’s no need to worry even if you and your guests consume several glasses. You can mix it with any fruit juice, a dash of liquor, or different sweeteners to customize the flavor according to your elegant taste.

3. Mimosa
Mimosas are so famous not just in corporate events, but also in every gathering or occasion you could think of. This fizzy and refreshing cocktail is made from equal parts of orange juice and sparkling wine of your choice. Serve it beautifully in a Champagne flute and garnish with a citrus peel for more spritz.

4. French 75
This cocktail is a mixture of either Champagne or sparkling wine, sugar, gin, and lemon juice. It’s also casually called a 75 cocktail or if you’re in France, you’ll hear French people calling it the Soixante Quinze. This lemony and fizzy drink serves the right amount of freshness with a tinge of sharp botanical bite.

The lovely and bubbly look of the French 75 makes it even more sophisticated, and its taste is just as equally good, too. Your guests will surely enjoy dancing the night away while sipping on glasses of French 75 as soon as the launch has been successful.

5. Bellini
The Bellini is Italy’s version of the mimosa. It’s a budget-friendly cocktail drink that’s usually served during brunch events. The simplicity of this drink is what makes it enticing, aside from it being affordable, too. Served straight up and without ice, Bellini is a mixture of sparkling wine and white peach puree. Usually, the sparkling wine used for this cocktail is either Italian prosecco or Champagne.

A Sparkling And Successful Launching Event
It’s easy to throw a fun, formal, and successful corporate event if you know how to plan and prepare for it exhaustively. Start with finding the right venue. Then you can think of what foods and drinks to serve to entertain the guests. Sparkling wine cocktails can surely add spritz and elegance to your party. Just be sure to remind your guests to drink moderately to have an even greater night.

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