5 Unexpected Foods That You Can Pair With Champagne

13th April 2021

Champagne Roger Brun 33 paired with Macaroni Cheese (home made)

When you think about Champagne, you likely think about toasting to a special occasion or enjoying the bubbly beverage at a four-star restaurant. However, Champagne can be paired with some of the foods you love eating every day. If you’ve got a dinner party coming up and want to add more sophistication to the event or simply want to make meal or snack time more exciting, here are five unexpected foods that can be deliciously paired with Champagne.

1. Fried Chicken

Champagne isn’t just for oysters or caviar. You can also enjoy a bottle of bubbly with fried chicken. The acidity and bright flavor of Champagne cut through the grease of fried chicken and other deep-fried foods, so it’s great for cleansing your palate. The bubbles in Champagne can also make fried chicken taste crispier, which makes the meal more enjoyable. Take a bottle of Champagne with you if you’re planning a picnic that includes fried chicken or offer it as a beverage option for guests if fried chicken is part of your brunch menu.

2. Deviled Eggs

If you’re preparing a platter of deviled eggs for your next brunch or dinner party, chill a bottle of Champagne for your guests to enjoy with the eggs. The slight sweetness of the Champagne pairs nicely with this savory appetizer. If you’re adding smoked salmon to the deviled eggs, a bottle of rose Champagne is an ideal pairing.

3. Chocolate Truffles

Wine and chocolate are always a decadent treat, so if you’re serving chocolate truffles, be sure to have a bottle of Champagne on hand. Doux, a dessert wine, is ideal for pairing with dark chocolate for a perfect mixture of sweet and intense flavors. For milk chocolate truffles or truffles topped with caramel or stuffed with fruit, try Brut Champagne, which is drier and complements the decadence of the truffles.

4. Macaroni and Cheese

Cheese and wine will always go great together, mac and cheese with Champagne is a pairing your taste buds will love. If you like adding some sausage or bacon to your mac and cheese, choose rosé Champagne. Opt for Brut Champagne if you prefer onions or mushrooms in your macaroni and cheese. If you prepare your mac and cheese with slightly sweeter cheeses like cream cheese or feta, you can bring out the sweet flavors of this savory dish with Doux champagne. Extra-dry or Brut Champagnes are ideal for enhancing the flavor of hearty cheeses like aged cheddar or gorgonzola.

5. Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are a sweet treat you can enjoy as part of a candy bar, or you can eat them for an indulgent snack on the go. If you want to have a glass of Champagne with your jelly beans, Doux is an ideal choice since it brings out the sweetness of fruity jelly bean flavors. Extra-dry Champagne is a great choice if you prefer jelly beans in richer flavors like licorice or root beer. If you’re also serving gummy candies as part of your candy bar, these same rules apply.

Champagne is often seen as a fancy beverage that only pairs well with gourmet foods, but you can easily pair it with candies and snacks to make your next get-together a little fancier. The Lolli Shop Australia has lots of sweets to choose from to make your party candy bar complete. Visit The Lolli Shop Australia for tasty candy and treat options that go great with your favorite Champagne.

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