5 Ways to Spot a Great Prosecco

8th February 2017


With this Italian bubbly becoming all the rage, why not step up your game and see if you can spot some higher-end Prosecco?

1. Says Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG
A large area of north-eastern Italy produces Prosecco, but 2 small villages are designated with the best quality: Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. If it says ‘Prosecco DOC’ it is likely made outside those areas.

2. Made in the Cartizze Hills
If you want to go even more exclusive, Cartizze, located in the Valdobbiadene hills, is considered to produce the absolute highest quality Prosecco.

3. Light and frothy
Prosecco is made using the charmat method (fermented in large steel tanks) unlike Champagne which is fermented in individual bottles. This means Prosecco is intended to be fruity and light, as opposed to yeasty and rich.

4. The Glera grape
The Glera grape (previously called the ‘Prosecco’ grape) is the main variety used to make Prosecco. Higher quality Prosecco’s tend to use 100% Glera, whereas others might compensate by adding a blend of other grapes such as Chardonnay or Verdisio.

5. Trusted Merchant
If you’re buying from a local wine merchant, the chances are that they have selected a good bottle. What’s more, you can ask for their advice so you can’t go wrong!

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