50 Great Cavas 2014

12th February 2015

50 Great Cavas 2014

Back in 2000, the cava world did not have a unique guide, now in its 4th  edition the 50 Great Cavas 2014 publication is recognized as an authority on cavas in the wine import industry.

The Top 50 were selected by looking at body, colour, clarity and bubbles. They were tasted for acidity, mouth-feel and mousse, finish, balance, sweetness and overall flavour. We searched deep for primary and secondary aromas and bouquet.

50 cavas

In the book, we not only present tasting notes, price ranges and scores for 50 of the DO’s greatest sparkling quaffs, but we also detail the history, process and grapes of Cava. To make it personal, the judges visited and profiled each of the wineries whose wines made it into the top 50.

We especially loved the visits! At every winery we were led by either the owner or winemaker and really got a feel for what made each Bodega so special. More importantly, though, through our visits we came to understand Cava on a much grander scale…what made it such a distinct region in terms of people, quality, innovation, and character.

This year’s blind tasting has been an exceptional one as (after much debate) all of the 50 Great Cavas 2014 have scored at least 93 points. Some nice prices too ranging from 5 to 50 Euros making them affordable for not only special occasions but also for aperitifs and slow cooking meals with family and friends.

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