50 Great Sparkling Wines

12th February 2015

50 Great Sparkling Wines of the World recognizes outstanding sparkling wines and producers. It documents a range of sparkling wine styles for you to explore. It spotlights interesting wineries to visit for your next grape escape holiday and it provides objective professional tasting notes with producer contact details.

A team of experienced wine tasters reviewed sparkling wines from around the world in blind tastings. We looked at body, colour, clarity and bubbles. We tasted for acidity, mouth-feel and mousse, finish, balance, sweetness and overall flavour. We searched deep for primary and secondary aromas and bouquet.

Quality was high – all of the Sparkling wines included in this book have scored at least 89 points. Some nice prices too ranging from 7 to 50 Euros making them affordable for not only special occasions but also for aperitifs and slow cooking meals with family and friends.

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