50 Shades of Rosé Sparkling Wine Awards 2021 Results

12th July 2021

50 Shades of Rosé Judging 201

The second year of our ‘50 Shades of Rosé‘ awards and we were very pleased to welcome some top judges to join us by the sea as we tasted and scored 57 x rosé sparkling wines* (all from the 2020 Glass of Bubbly Awards).

Judges were:

Patricia Stefanowicz MW

Abbie Bennington DipWSET

Kirsty Woodgate DipWSET

Luciana Girotto

Christopher Walkey

Blind tasting took place at the Glass of Bubbly tasting ‘green’ room where pouring service was provided by Oliver Walkey. All scores were checked live and awards results announced live. The top three rosé sparkling wines were:

Unveiling of 2021 50 Shades of Rosé Winner

Unveiling of 2021 50 Shades of Rosé (Top Rosé Sparkling Wine) Winner


1st Place: B.Brut Rosé (Luxembourg)

2nd Place: Vin.CO Spumante Rosé Extra Dry (Italy)

3rd Place: Champagne de Watere Rosé Brut (France)


WineryWine Label1 x judging tasting notes – Full list of entries and live link back to the wines so you can find out more:

B.BrutRoséCaramel, raspberry, peach, wild strawberry aromas. Flavours consist of a good balance of fruits and toasty notes.Kirsty Woodgate

VIN.CO – Spumante Rosé Extra Dry “Pale pink / baby pink. Small bubbles. Very delicate, floral, lovely aromatic. Flavours are red fruits, hazelnut, peach, very zesty acidity, light body, good definition and length. Savoury finish.Patricia Stefanowicz MW

Champagne De WatèrePremier Cru Brut Rosé de SaignéeViolet, aromatic, orange blossom, red fruits on the nose. Red fruits, touch dry, pink floral.Christopher Walkey

Champagne Chateau de BoursaultRosé SaignéeStrawberry, red currents, raspberries – No bitterness in length.Abbie Bennington

Champagne PHAL B. de BEAUFORTCuvée Harmonie Bouzy Grand Cru Rosé 2012Charming Vegetal mousse. Tomato leaf, red berries, long finish.Luciana Girotto

Patricia Stefanowicz MW

Patricia Stefanowicz MW


Codice CitraPrimae Lucis Brut RoséDamp cellar, lemon peel and peachy yeast aromas. Peach, strawberry, pastry flavours.Christopher Walkey

SchlumbergerRosé Brut KlassikStrawberry and cream, touch of cranberry lemon light mousse. Long finish.Kirsty Woodgate

Pisoni RoséMillesimato TrentodocMid salmon colouring, mid sized bubbles. Red fruits, light yeast on nose. Balanced, lively acidity, light body, gentle creamy mousse, longish finish. Elegant garden party style.Patricia Stefanowicz MW

Posestvo ČehovinPenina RoseDelicate nose. Deep pink colour. Rough texture. Ripe, sweet berries, fruit tart with long strong fresh length.Luciana Girotto

Villa FranciacortaBokè Franciacorta Rosé Brut Millesimato 2014Vegetal, soft red berry fruits on the nose. Soft flavours of dry toast, dry cheese and subtle red fruit hints.Christopher Walkey

Abbie Bennington

Abbie Bennington


DurnbergSparkling RoséVery pale Provencal pink. Red fruits on palate, fresh, vibrant finish. Enjoyable and not too sweet.Abbie Bennington

Ca d’OrFranciacorta Docg Noble RoséHint of peach, small bubbles, crushed strawberry, plenty of croissant. Lively acidity, creamy mousse, mid-weight, depth and concentration and good length.Patricia Stefanowicz MW

Champagne Laurent LequartBlanche Andésyne RoséStrawberry, cranberry, raspberry, baked apple and tar on the nose. Apple pie, almond and hazelnut flavours.Kirsty Woodgate

Champagne VollereauxCuvée Marguerite rosé 2012Dry bread, citrus, lively green fruits, long and savoury finish.Luciana Girotto

Champagne Faniel & FilsRosé PerlaneDark pink. Medium intensity. Red fruits, nectarine. Punchy on the palate.Abbie Bennington

Fox & FoxExpression Rosé Brut 2014Peach and pink floral nose with a delicate creamy layer added. Orange blossom, raspberry, herbaceous, tomato leaves and orange zest in the palate.Christopher Walkey

Luciana Girotto

Luciana Girotto


Johann KattusKattus Cuvée RoséPale baby pink. Really herbaceous, grassy, under ripe strawberry, crisp acidity, light body. Attractive fruits, but a little simple. Savoury finish.Patricia Stefanowicz MW

BadagoniRoséGorgeous orange / pink colour. Smoky, red cherry, sweet pineapple, sugars, burnt caramel and toffee aromas  Roasted fruits and creamy flavours.Kirsty Woodgate

RodicaBrut RoséMid-mild salmon pink colour. Large bubbles. A little murky. Smoky, earthy, orange zest, spices. Fair acidity, average length. Odd style.Patricia Stefanowicz MW

FitzPinkIntense colour. Intense syrup as per Kir Royale. Spicy. Round big bubbles. Long finish. Classic.Luciana Girotto

Champagne Roger BrunRomanceCreamy raspberry and strawberry on the nose.  Red berries, red apples, strawberry with a touch of toasted creamy in flavours.Christopher Walkey

Riva Dei FratiClaudia RoséMid salmon in colour. Under ripe stone fruits on the nose. Red fruits on the palate.Abbie Bennington

Kirsty Woodgate

Kirsty Woodgate


Kmečka Zadruga KrškoCesarskaRoasted coffee, nectarine – low intensity flavours. Quite high acidity.Kirsty Woodgate

Johanneshof ReinischPinot Noir Brut Reserve 2014 BIOCreamy light red fruits, yeasty, soft citrus on the nose. Red berry fruits, minerals, good acidity, steely length.Christopher Walkey

Vinska klet FrelihRosé BrutCreamy strawberry on the nose and on the palate too. Vegetal also.Luciana Girotto

SilveriCuvee Brut RoseButter, smoke, cream, smooth. Very palatable and pleasing.Kirsty Woodgate

VIN.COAbruzzo Spumante DOP Rosé BrutVery pale pink. Strawberry, raspberry. Gentle yeast. Nicely balanced with acidity, light body – A good summer wine.Patricia Stefanowicz MW

Radgonske GoricePenina Rose extra dryPale, mid-onion skin colour. Slight biscuit / brioche nose. Apricot juice, lemon sherbert, blue cheese flavours.Abbie Bennington

Vinarstvo RebulaPenina RosaVegetal, herbaceous, tomato leaves on the nose. Tomato leaves, soft raspberry, yeasty / toasty in flavours.Christopher Walkey

CANTINE VITEVISJuliet RoséDelicate pink colour. Vegetable garden, stone fruits, tomato leaf. Fine texture. Light and bright.Luciana Girotto

ArundaBrut ExcellorPale peach colour with persistent bubbles. Lovely red fruits, some autolysis, juicy fruits on the palate. High acidity, brittle mousse giving structure. Complexity and length.Patricia Stefanowicz MW

BjanaBrut Rosé 2015Saline, salty sea, ocean breeze. Perfect for a trip to the beach! Pears nectarine, peach flavours. Delicate. Added apples (stewed) and quince. Lacking slightly in fizz.Kirsty Woodgate

Kmečka zadruga KrškoRoséCherryade style in the glass visually. Red cherry, red currant and grapey / tannins in the finish.Abbie Bennington

Christopher Walkey 50 Shades of Rosé

Christopher Walkey


Kartuzija PleterjeResslova PeninaDark fruits, undergrowth, soft raspberry nose. Red fruits, peach and fresh bread in flavours.Christopher Walkey

Camel Valley2018 Pinot Noir Rose BrutCitrus notes, light jasmine, leafy, candy on the hose. Off dry in the beginning with light, leafy palate. Well done, classical style.Luciana Girotto

Maso MartisRosé Extra Brut 2016Pale peach, small bubbles. Red berries, quite yeasty and herbal notes on the nose. Mid weight, lemon zest, creamy mousse with a savoury finish.Patricia Stefanowicz MW

Radgonske GoricePenina Rose Selection brutPeach, apricot, fetta cheese / yeasty nose. Pleasant fruitiness with good acidity / peach skin.Christopher Walkey

VentiventiRosé Lambrusco Rosato Modena DOCFrothy, slightly reductive nose – smoke, flint, lemon. Nectarine, apples, sourdough crust flavours.Kirsty Woodgate

La MontinaFranciacorta Rosé Extra BrutPale pink, lazy bubbles, raspberry, gentle yeast, off dry. Light body, creamy mousse, juicy, good freshness, nice balance, fair length.Patricia Stefanowicz MW

MedotBrut RoséClassic sparkling rosé style. Strawberry, light autolysis, straight done the middle.Kirsty Woodgate

Karlovcek JernejevaPenina roseFruit salad, jelly raspberry. Rounded sweet nose almondy.Luciana Girotto

LumiereRosé 2017Pale delicate aromas. Red currant, cranberry, raspberry, sherbert finish with apple, pear – Light character flavours. Medium acidity. Medium length.Abbie Bennington

50 Shades of Rosé 2021 - The aftermath

50 Shades of Rosé 2021 – The aftermath


SzigetiPinot Noir Rosé BrutCandy, red fruits including raspberry, pink floral aromas. Easy to enjoy flavours of soft red berry fruits.Christopher Walkey

Domacija Pr CenetovihPenina RoseMid cherry colour. Cherry, raspberry, vibrant fruits, earthy, smoky – very fizzy. Slight tannins, fresh acidity, creamy, fair length.Patricia Stefanowicz MW

CANTINE VITEVISBARDOLINO CHIARETTO DOC (rosé)Ripe nectarine, honeysuckle, blood orange, light edge of pastry with sweet jam covering thinly on top.Kirsty Woodgate

Poulton Hill VineyardBulari Rosé 2015Mid Provencal pink colour. Red fruits, red cherries, redcurrant, nettles, sweet pea, elderflower on the palate. Dry with medium acidity style. Gooseberry, medium plus finish.Abbie Bennington

Champagne Robert AllaitCuvée Eclat de Meunier (Rosé de Saignee)Soft almond, raspberry, meringue aromas. Nice expression of red berry fruits, dried strawberry with good levels of acidity. An attractive warm deeper rosé colouring.Christopher Walkey

ZanthoCuvée RoséVery pale peach, tight bubbles. White peach, floral, red berries, juicy, vibrant acidity. Light body, creamy mousse texture, nicely defined. Fair length. A little on the sweeter side.Patricia Stefanowicz MW

MartincicPenina RoseSulphur/reductive nose. Crust and crumble, strawberry crumble and redcurrant. Light intensity flavours.Kirsty Woodgate

MotzenbackerRosé BrutSalmon pink colour. White flowers, almond after taste – creamy texture. Little short in length. Nettles at the close.Luciana Girotto

Weingut Muller-Grossman Brut Rosé ReserveDeep pink. Effervescent bubbles, persistent. High acidity, med intensity, strawberries, red cherries, red currant. Flavours as per nose with added yeast, biscuit and brioche.Abbie Bennington

Cavas NaveranPerles RosesPeach, touch of petroleum, yeast on the nose. Soft pink rose petals, light red fruits, touch of red candy sweets.Christopher Walkey

SchlumbergerPinot Noir Brut 2015Pear, grape – quite simple flavours. White blossom, floral nose. Lacking complexity.Kirsty Woodgate

Jože BevecBarbara Brut RoséMid cherry colour, small bubbles. Mushroom, restrained, soft fruits, creamy, meringue, candied. Mid weight, modest length – not very typical style!Patricia Stefanowicz MW

Bibich WineryRose BrutFlat cola, Lucozade, botanical aromas. Dry meditional flavours with added orange blossom, orange peel and faint cherry.Christopher Walkey

Vinarstvo ValdhuberRosé Extra BrutLight intensity on the nose with sherbet character. Low intensity in flavour, a touch bitter.Kirsty Woodgate

VilarnauRose (Refused / corked)

The scoring and awards announcements for the 2021 50 Shades of Rosé awards were broadcast live via Instagram here:


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Christopher Walkey

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