6 Features to Look for in a Sparkling Wine Cooler

4th December 2019


If you’re an expert on sparkling wine or even just a fan, you know that there are as many types of coolers on the market as there are wines. Top rated wine coolers have the potential to come with special features that can really enhance your sparkling wine.

1. Tinted Glass

Having tinted glass featured on a cooler isn’t just sleek looking, it’s also beneficial for the sparkling wine itself. A cooler that has tinted glass installed instead of regular glass will do a better job of preserving the alcohol.

Regular glass doesn’t filter out UV rays or harsh light, which can be extremely harmful to the sparkling wine. When these UV rays and unfiltered light enter your cooler, it creates extra heat that the cooling system has to work against, ultimately ruining the taste.

Because of this, most wine coolers come with tinted glass, but it’s always a good idea to double check for this feature when shopping for one.

2. Interior LED Lighting

Most coolers have interior lighting so that your collection can be showcased and so you have an easier time finding the specific bottle you’re looking for.

However, it’s important that this lighting is ‘soft’ or LED. Much like the sunlight that is filtered through the glass door of the wine cooler, any excess heat from a non-LED light bulb can ruin the taste of the sparkling wine inside. The last thing you want is your collection being ruined by the wrong light.

3. Carbon Filter

While LED lighting and tinted glass are common features, carbon filters are less common. These filters are installed directly into your cooler and work to protect its contents from odors that could potentially be harmful.

Each filter usually works for around 4-6 months before it needs to be replaced, and replacement filters can be found easily online.

4. Dual Zone

A dual zone cooler is exactly what it sounds like. It houses two separate zones that each have their own separate temperature controls. You can keep one zone cool and the other mild, with your sparkling red wine in one section and your sparkling white wine in the other.

With dual zones, you don’t need to worry about preserving the integrity of some of your sparkling wines while compromising another. This feature will also save you some money in the long run, since you don’t need to invest in two separate wine coolers.

5. Stability

Stability might seem like a random feature to think about when purchasing a cooler, but it’s actually very important for the taste of the wine. Especially if looking for an outdoor cooler: https://www.globosurfer.com/orca-vs-yeti-cooler/.

Each bottle has a small amount of sediment inside. It’s harmless to drink, but if your sparkling wine is agitated by surrounding kitchen appliances or heavy traffic, it will cause this sediment to move around the bottle.

When this happens, it causes a chemical reaction that changes the flavor.

6. Bottle Count

When looking for a new wine cooler, it’s important to estimate how much room you’ll be needing. You don’t want to purchase a wine cooler that is too large, spending money on something that won’t be used. You also want to avoid choosing a cooler that’s too small, since it’s more than likely your wine collection will grow.

Final Thoughts

A good rule of thumb would be to determine how much sparkling wine you currently own and then double that number, purchasing a cooler that can fit that amount. This way, your current sparkling wine collection will be sure to fit into the cooler and you’ll have room to expand your collection.

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