6 Wineries to Visit in Franciacorta, Italy

23rd October 2015

Franciacorta is a small area in Lombardy in Northern Italy that produces complex sparkling wines using the traditional method. It’s a beautiful region to visit and full of amazing wine to taste.

Ca’del Bosco
Their most well known wine is their Cuvée Prestige, a well-balanced, pleasently fresh Franciacorta. The winery currently welcomes guests 7 days a week and has beautiful gardens with scenery, sculptures and contemporary art to enjoy.

The Rizzini farms positioned at North/East of the Franciacorta territory at the foot of the Monticelli Brusati hills, in a natural ambience far away from source of pollution.

Berlucchi are the official Sparkling Wine Sponsors of the EXPO Milano 2015. The winery offers 3 well-constructed tasting experiences to discover Franciacorta, including winery tours, cellar visits and tastings.

Bellavista boasts a massive 3,280 feet of underground cellars and 462 acres of vineyards in Franciacorta.

Ferghettina is located on sunny hills along the lake Sebino where their grapes ripen under careful supervision of the winemakers.

Barone Pizzini

The first winery to adopt organic farming as a requirement for quality. Everything, from the vineyard to the cellar, is designed to guarantee the integrity of the fruit. The tour takes you through all the production stages; then continues to a room 10 metres below ground level, with the barrique cellar and storeroom for Franciacorta wines and then enjoy a wine tasting that rewards the palate of connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Glass of Bubbly

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