7 Nights of Horror – Night 4 – The Blair Witch Project

27th October 2020

Blair Witch Cocktail

Welcome to this new spooky series, where we choose a film and create a fitting Cocktail to go alongside, I’ll give you a little history into each film and the know-how to create a delicious Cocktail.

The Blair Witch Project

‘Three students decide to go into the Maryland backwoods to cover the mystery behind the Blair Witch incidents. However, they lose their map and things take an unexpected turn.’

The Blair Witch Project was released on the 22nd of October 1999, it had a budget of 60,000 USD and took in 248.6 million USD at the box office.

There are three Blair Witch films, with the second one releasing one year later, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 is set after the release of the first Blair Witch film, where the characters in this movie have watched the first Blair Witch film, in their world there is some truth to the Blair Witch, so they go investigating for themselves, just like the people did in the first movie, even though they have seen what happened to the characters in the first film, they still decided to go.

The third installment is called Blair Witch, it released in 2016, for fans of the films, there is also a video game, titled Blair Witch which released in 2019 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The Sparkling Wine

Badagoni’s story starts in the east of Georgia in 2006, they have one of the most advanced wineries in the whole of Eastern Europe with them able to produce 6,000 bottles of still and sparkling wine in just 1 hour, even with all the technology they still remain very passionate to their Georgian traditions when it comes to making wine.

Badagoni Rosé Tasting Notes

Aroma – “A sweeter wine, with a creamy cheese raspberries aroma.”

Flavour – “Candy sweets style flavour with dried raspberry and glazed cherry flavours.”

A Gold Medal Winner in the Dessert Category at The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2019.

The Blair Witch Project Cocktail


  • Sparkling Wine 300mls
  • Cherry juice 100mls
  • Black Cherry Syrup 25mls
  • 6 Black cherries
  • Pepper

How To Make The Blair Witch Project Cocktail

  1. Grab your self a glass and drop in 6 Black Cherries
  2. Pour in 25mls of Black Cherry Syrup
  3. Now add in 100mls of Cherry Juice
  4. Top up with 300mls of Sparkling Wine
  5. Sprinkle some Pepper on top to finish this Bewitching Cocktail

Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Oyster shells and a touch of red berry skins and dried Cranberries on the aroma.”

Flavour – “A winter warmer style flavour of Spiced dark berries and Cranberry.

This is a great cocktail to have round the campfire.

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.