7 Reasons Why Champagne is the Best

28th February 2017


Why Champagne? Sadly, people consider it a drink for special occasions and very few are aware of the amazing benefits of this fizzy drink. There are well proven scientific reasons to drink this misconceived ‘luxury’ drink. In fact, Champagne is as good as a red or white wine and as odd as it may sound, deserves every right to be included in your daily consumption of a healthy drink. We list some health benefits of this drink so that the next time you enjoy some, you aren’t guilty of indulging; in fact, you will be guilty of not having one:

It has fewer calories

As surprising as this may sound, Champagne contains fewer calories than a glass of wine. If you go for Brut Champagne which typically contains no more than 12 grams of residual sugar per liter), the calorie intake is around 80-100 calories as compared to red or white wine which touches the 120 mark. So for the diet conscious, this is a much healthier option as compared to a pint of beer or wine.

It makes you feel fuller

The bubbles in Champagne do the trick as they slow the consumption time. Often people tend to drink it slower as the bubbles fill them up. Thus, the slow consumption time and the fullness ensure that you don’t end up consuming it by the gallons. Champagnes might be slightly expensive, but is good if you want to indulge, but also keep your consumption in check.

It improves your memory

Scientific studies have established that the consumption of Champagne improves spatial memory. In other words, your cognitive functions such as performing complex tasks and calculations are greatly enhanced. Consuming one to three glasses of Champagne every week can keep dementia and other degenerative brain disorders at bay. Besides, imbibing Champagne on a regular basis (keeping the consumption in check) can prove beneficial for the short term memory.

It gives you a supple and healthy skin

If more ladies knew that Champagne can be used to spruce up the skin, then apparently the sales would have been much higher. However, rather than gulping it down, you need to apply it with a cotton ball to your face as suggested by a leading dermatologist. Champagne like red wine is rich in anti-oxidants and the other constituent, lightening tartaric acid takes care of your skin tone and evens it out. This particularly explains why Formula One drivers have an amazing skin (the top three drivers splash Champagne on their face after each race).

It leads to a healthy heart

Enjoy a couple of glasses a day for a healthier heart. Champagne is quite rich in polyphenols which aid in lowering the blood pressure and preventing heart problems. It also contains resveratrol, another kind of antioxidant that protects the blood vessels from damage, prevents blood clots and keeps the bad cholesterol in check. Champagne is as good as red wine in protecting your heart.

It acts fast

An interesting fact about Champagne is that it doesn’t take long for Champagne to hit you, but what makes it different is that it doesn’t last longer and you have a very speedy recovery from your tipsy world. So, if you want to lift your mood, Champagne can make your best cocktail drink. To avoid crashing because of the high sugar levels (causing dehydration), it is suggested to add some ice to the drink since it keeps you hydrated so that the buzz keeps going.

It helps your sex drive

While other alcoholic drinks also help you shed your inhibitions and get your act together, Champagne does it a tad faster because of the bling it gives you in a short span of time. It simply sets the mood and lifts up your spirits. The problem with other alcoholic drinks is that after a point you don’t have sufficient energy and there is a lack of blood flow. Champagne doesn’t suck your energy levels. So the next time you are feeling special and want to bring a spark to dull moments, pop Champagne.

Now that you have made up your mind and decided to replace your sparkling wine with Champagne, all you need to do is to bring your favorite brand home. Often people find Champagnes to be quite expensive as compared to wines and apparently this is one of the reasons as well that Champagne is reserved for special occasions and regarded as a luxury drink. HotUKSavings ensures that you get great deals, you simply have to do some research online and pick up your favorite brand. The coupon or discounts can then be easily availed to get these drinks at nominal prices. Eventually, the benefits which the Champagne offers are totally worth the amount that you pay.

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