7 Rose Wines Your Girlfriend Would Totally Love

8th January 2019


Rose wine is made from red grapes but according to a different technology. During the production of the beverage, the juice is separated from the rind of the berries before they give the wine a deep ruby tint.

Rose wine is light, often with strawberry and raspberry notes, but still has the beneficial properties of red wines. Rose is not only delicious. It contains a huge amount of antioxidants that help preserve youth. And it also, like any other wine, improves digestion and mood.

In addition, rosé wine will suit any date: it fits for any dish, and you can almost certainly be sure of the naturalness of the purchased drink: it is very rarely faked.

What rose should you drink this summer?

Nick Goldman, the brand sommelier, will help us with that today.

He has presented us with only 7 rose wines, but, of course, there are a lot more sorts and styles you should familiarize yourself with.

Chizay Rose
In the assortment of the Chizay winery, there are several types of rose wine.

Natural, refreshing rose wine from the Chateau Chizay series is made from red European grape varieties of Pinot Noir, Cabernet, etc. The wine has a very pleasant color, soft and harmonious taste, clean and light aroma. It goes well with snacks, cheese, and fruits.

Pinot Noir Rose is made from Pinot Noir grapes. Very pleasant, savory, exquisite wine is valued for its delicate color and bright aroma which harmoniously combines with the luxurious taste of fruit with hints of mulberry, blackberry, and wild raspberry.

Rose from the “Elite Collection” series has an attractive and deep pink color, floral aroma, as well as harmonious and soft taste. It goes well with fruit desserts and snacks.

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Cotnar Gorobchiki Rose
Grape variety: dark varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This is one of the fastest growing wineries in Western Ukraine. Cotnar is located in the Trans Carpathian region, in the village of Muzhiyevo where Ukraine borders with Hungary. A little more than two years ago, the Hungarian Vince Bale became the main winemaker, and production focused on varietal wines: cabernet, merlot, chardonnay, and others.

The technology itself for the production of rose wine is not related to the mixing of white and red. To obtain such a color, mashed grapes (pulp) are used which are left for 1-1.5 hours so that the coloring pigment dissolves in the juice and turns it into a rich, ruby tone. Moreover, the hue depends on how much pulp there is in the juice. Gorobchiki Rose is a light color with a bright varietal aroma and delicate bitterness.

Pinot Grigio Brut Rose
This exquisite dry sparkling wine is one of the brightest representatives of the “Canti Sparkling” line that perfectly conveys the spirit of that famous Italian lust for fun and joy. The classic rigorous style of Italian wine is complemented by small sparkling bubbles, and the bottle’s design only adds to its elegance. To create this wine, Pinot Grigio grape varieties that have been carefully selected by experienced professionals have been used.

Despite the wine’s great taste that can compete with other renowned sorts, the history of its manufacturer, Canti, does not go back in centuries. The company was founded in 2001 by Gianni Martini, the co-owner of the family company Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi. He pursued his dream to establish his own winery that would follow only Italian traditions. The name Canti, translated from Italian, means “songs” or “singing,” gives the wine that taste of Italian passion for joy. Constantly improving and bringing new ideas to the Italian winemaking, the company creates amazing wines that have conquered the markets of dozens of countries.

“Mateus” Rose Sparkling Brut
The history of the whole “Mateus” line began in 1942 when Sogrape Vinhos founder, Fernando Van Zeller Guedes, had the idea of creating a wine with a pronounced, distinctive taste, complemented by the original, innovative packaging. The bottle resembles a soldier’s flask from the time of the World War I. A perfect mix of these features ensured its success for many years. Nowadays, the brand is represented in more than a hundred countries, and over six decades of its existence, over 1 billion bottles have been sold.

“Mateus” Rose Sparkling Brut still has that fresh taste and look. Its appearance marked the company’s another step towards the development of the Mateus brand which offers the consumer high-quality rosé wines at an affordable price.

This sparkling wine is made from a mixture of Portuguese grape varieties. The secret of the taste is in perfect timing of crop harvesting and soft pressing. And fermentation at low temperature makes it possible to maximally convey the freshness of the wine. During secondary fermentation, the wine acquires a more complex taste with creamy tones.

The Grande Vallee project started in 2015. These are wines made from grape varieties of French and German selection. Pinot Meunier is a very rare variety which is used mainly in France, blended with other grape varieties for the production of sparkling wines.

Pinot Meunier Rose is a wine of a pleasant, pale pink color with a fruity aroma and a rich berry flavor. It is ideal for fish, soft cheese, and fruit. The bouquet with notes of red berries and cream reminds of a perfect dessert, light, fresh, and harmonious.

Shabo Rosé
Pink dry wine Shabo Classic has a harmonious taste, a pleasant aroma with varietal berry tones, and elegant pink color with bright hues. The taste is fresh, long-lasting and has berry-fruit undertones. It is perfect for fish dishes, cold white meats, and soft cheeses desserts.

Tavel is the most complex rose wine out there. French Tavel is the most intense, dense wine. An ideal drink for those who want to drink a good rose but expects brightness not only in aromatics but also in taste.
Now that you know about these wines, your evenings alone or together with your partner can be made a lot better.


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