7 Tasty & Down-to-Earth Champagne Food Pairings

7th March 2017


There are a few well-known Champagne food pairings, such as caviar and cheese, but it doesn’t have to be so limited.

Pairing with Champagne means complementing or contrasting the wines acidity and flavours. Champagne’s natural dry nature with slight sweetness makes it pair beautifully with salty food, but it can also keep up well with sweet treats.

Crisps: Salty and crunchy, the perfect easy accompaniment to Champagne.

Popcorn: Whether salted or buttery, munching on popcorn will have you instinctively reaching for your Champagne.

Spring rolls: The crispy coating and savoury flavour is great with bubbly.

French fries: Similarly, with crisps, fried food paired with a refreshing glass of fizz is great. Thicker chips work too, such as in traditional fish and chips.

Chocolate: Some people swear by red wine and chocolate, but a rosé or sweet bubbly (such as doux or demi-sec) can make for an enjoyable experience with milk chocolate. The sweetness of a fruity rosé complements the chocolate and the lightly fizzing bubbles makes it feel that bit more luxurious.

Fried chicken: A piece of greasy fried chicken might not match the glamour of Champagne, but who cares when they taste so great together?

Nuts: If you fancy a small snack with your Champagne, try some salted peanuts or even chocolate-covered almonds.

Berries: Fresh or dried berries also go well as they help bring out the natural flavours of sparkling wine.

Glass of Bubbly

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