9 Trophy Winning Rosé Sparkling Wines

11th August 2021

9 Trophy Winning Rosé Sparkling Wines

Recognition towards the quality of a wine is mostly via industry awards where judges usually blind taste and score examples for the likes of colours, aromas and flavours. We will see both medals and trophies awarded and many recipients will showcase their success by way of adding a badge on to their bottle – This is seen as attracting more buyers to the product. Many times I myself have been tempted in to a purchase due to an industry recognised award added to a product such as household items (hoovers) to foods (chocolate).

A golden badge on a bottle of wine stating ‘gold‘ or ‘trophy‘ can really persuade a consumer to make the purchase of this wine over another believing that the quality is recognised within the industry by professionals so the value for money over similar priced and styles will be superior. Sometimes a badge can edge the price up of a wine – One winemaker told me once that a gold medal can add at least £1 to each bottle and if you average the cost of entering the awards at £100 then if you are producing 200,000 bottles annually then you can look to achieve a £200,000 added profit.

Medal Badges on Champagne bottles

Medal Badges on Champagne bottles


Placing a medal / trophy badge on a bottle is then great for guiding consumers / buyers and also for the winemakers in adding value / ease of sales.

Let’s see just how good wines who have won trophies at the Glass of Bubbly Champagne and Sparkling Wine Awards really are – We take a look at 9 previous trophy winning rosé sparkling wines:

Camel Valley – Pinot Rosé 2018 – Trophy Winner ‘Summer Days‘ – Tasting Notes: “Red berry fruits, English country garden style to include herbaceous / nettles. Flavours are red berry driven with a silky and almost creamy texture.

B.Brut – Rosé – Trophy Winner ‘Light & Fruity‘ – Tasting Notes: “Red berry fruit explosion on the nose with creamy edge, strawberry / blueberry too. Flavours are a wonderful display of red and dark berry fruits with a smooth pasty edge.

Johanneshof Reinisch – 2014 Pinot Rosé – Trophy Winner ‘Forget Me Not‘ – Tasting Notes: “Toasty raspberry nose. Flavours are drier red berry with good acidity, herbaceous (freshly cut grass /  herbs), gooseberry, raspberry.

Fox & Fox – Expression Saignee Rosé 2014 – Trophy Winner ‘Winter Warmer‘ – Tasting Notes: “Rounded red berries, raspberry, dark berries on the nose with a creamy dry cheese texture – Very relaxing sensation. Flavours are dark berry acidity, touch of pastry, sliced peach, soft candy citrus.

Pisoni – Rosé Millesimato – Trophy Winner ‘Summer Days‘ – Tasting Notes: “Silky and smooth raspberry and red berry on the nose along with orange blossom. Flavours show light fruity character with raspberry, orange blossom, sliced strawberry with a mouth watering dryness.

Radgonske Gorice – Rosé Extra Dry – Trophy Winner ‘Dessert‘ – Tasting Notes: “Sweetness orange blossom, yeasty creamy cheese, raspberry, tropical on the nose. Flavours are fresh fruit with a soft sweetness level to enable it to pair well with fresh fruit desserts.

Motzenbacker – Rosé Brut – Trophy Winner ‘Meditation‘ – Tasting Notes: “Toasty aromas with light red berry fruits / orange peel. Flavours show red berry fruit flavours / pink floral, dry character with minerals, toasty and good acidity.

Fitz – Fitz Pink – Trophy Winner ‘Light & Fruity‘ – Tasting Notes: “Lovely darker rosé colouring and a very expressive nose. Dark berries on the nose to include blackberry jam. Again strong dark berry fruits in flavours with that jam style presentation – Added herbaceous.

Schlumberger – Rosé – Trophy Winner ‘First Date‘ – Tasting Notes: “Lighter red berry fruits on the nose to include raspberry and red apple – yeasty notes too. Soft and delicate fruity tasting experience.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.