A Blinding Encounter with Glass of Bubbly Magazine Editor James

13th March 2020

James Graham Glass of Bubbly Magazine

Our ‘green tasting room’ was the setting for James Graham as he made his way to the coast to join us for some blind tasting of sparkling wines and a chat on the progress of the new online Glass of Bubbly magazine.

‘The Glass of Bubbly Magazine was launched in June 2014 and was a bi-monthly publication that lasted for 17 issues. Copies were available to purchase online as well as being sent out to top venues across the UK including Searcys Champagne Bars, Premiership football grounds and 5 star hotels.”

Only a few months back “why not bring it back” were the words uttered to us by James Graham who had previously been the co-founder and editor of the Vine Magazine. As Glass of Bubbly grew both its online web presence and trade/press tastings as well as commencing The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards for Champagne & Sparkling Wine, it was felt that the time was right for both parties to get going once again on what was a well loved and widely known publication… Glass of Bubbly issue 18 was born.

Producing the Glass of Bubbly magazine was initially driven by sheer passion – Myself and Eve (editor) loved fizz and wanted to share this love of ours with others. When we started the Glass of Bubbly concept it was based around the magazine though we slowly gathered popularity online and grew our ‘digital’ audiences then soon after had our own trade tasting events and awards. We had taken on too much…

Glass of Bubbly Celebrity Readers

Glass of Bubbly Celebrity Readers


There was no way we could sustain the magazine at this point due to workloads progressing with other avenues of Glass of Bubbly – The magazine had to be put on the side yet kept ‘warm’. Retiring the magazine was hard to do as we had grown to look forward to each issue’s content, it was our ‘baby’ as such and many readers had enjoyed previous articles and we’d had many lovely comments and photos from readers globally including celebrities.Christopher & Eve

The new launch of the magazine is in the hands of James Graham who is the new editor – Already hundreds are reading the new pages with dedicated issues for English and Welsh Sparkling Wines recently. “I have had a great response from everyone so far and gathered some great interviews and articles – Readership is growing along with our following across social media.James Graham.

Want to find out more about the new Glass of Bubbly magazine? Please email James Graham directly via James@glassofbubbly.com

Blind Tasting – Cava vs Slovenian vs Prosecco vs German

As we sat in the new Glass of Bubbly tasting room it was inevitable that some fizz would make its way to the table – Blind tasting format! Founder, vs Editor vs Editor, competed and the good news is that all were happy with a tie in results with the Medot from Slovenia really impressing – Thanks to the following wines which took part:

Blind Tasting Worldwide Sparkling Wines

Blind Tasting Worldwide Sparkling Wines


Slovenia – Medot Cuvée Brut Penina: “Medot and Slovenian sparkling wine at its best here. Rightly so a Gold Medal winner from the winemakers at Medot – Creamy / butter croissant on the nose along with apricot / citrus / touch of honey. Elegant flavours – Clean and clear, defined in showcasing its fruity characters mostly yellow stone fruits with a touch of croissant / creamy honey on the side.

Cava – Cavas Naveran Dama Vintage Brut 2016: “Fruity and zesty flavours with a touch of creamy petrol in the background.

Prosecco – Bisol Jeio Prosecco Superiore Brut NV: “Green fruits and a touch of spice on the nose. Fruity and a faint dryness that gives green and yellow fruit flavours, a freshness in the palate which makes it a good palate cleanser for varied light foods.

Germany – Motzenbacker Riesling Sandstein Brut: “Green fruits and grassy aromas. Alive with flavours, green fruits / forest floor and herbs.


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