A Bottle of Bubbly for the Teacher!

19th July 2016

A Bottle of Bubbly for the Teacher!

Gone are the days when an apple on the desk showed sufficient appreciation for a teacher; in recent years, thank-you cards and gifts for teachers have made the end of the school year a holiday in itself. This year, why not show your child’s appreciation for all their teacher has done with a miniature bottle of bubbly.

Giving gifts to multiple teachers needn’t be expensive when there are some great miniatures on special offer. You might have lots of children with a teacher apiece, a great teacher and teaching assistant to thank, or your child might have a supportive form tutor, a maths teacher who finally got algebra to ‘click’ for them and a history teacher who really brought the past to life. They all deserve a little something. San Leo Rosato Italian Sparkling Rosé is currently on special offer at Waitrose.

Class and form tutors are continual presences in our children’s lives at school, providing both academic assistance and pastoral care. It takes a special person to get to know 30 children as individuals and keep them on track. A small bottle of Lanson Champagne Black Label Brut  or Lanson Champagne Rosé Label Brut will show your child’s teacher how appreciated they are.

Every now and then, a child encounters their perfect teacher. They may be approachable and friendly (but stern enough to keep their pupils in order!), they might make a subject your child finds dull or difficult more lively or clear or they might notice and nurture a talent. Treat this special teacher to a miniature bottle of Laurent-Perrier Brut NV


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